Tuffs Matchups for Final Night of 2012 CBR World Championships



               Last nightís round of the CBR World Championships in Cheyenne was the most exciting event weíve had all year. There were so many great rides and it made for good watching. Looking down the draw sheet for tonight it looks like CBR fans can expect more of the same in tonightís long round.

Cooper Davis has Buffalo Hump. He made a really good ride last night and has a great draw tonight. Heís a rookie that was a little nervous the first few events. Heís settled down and is riding with some consistency. Heís got an excellent chance to come back in the top three or four.

               Cody Teel has a bull called Sandy Bob. They were 92 on this bull at Lafayette. Cody made a great ride last night and Sandy Bobís the kind of bull he can win the round on. If he rides him, Cody should easily be in the top two guys.

               Willis Trosclair has drawn Ragin JT, which is a good bull theyíve been a lot of points on. He goes to the left, which favors Willis, so he should have a good shot at being in the money.

               Last nightís winner, J.W. Harris, is getting on a bull called Greenhorn from 7 Rocking X that is outstanding and bucked off Luis Blanco at Lafayette. J.W. had two perfect rides last night. I mean just flat great rides. He won the round and a new Mahindra Tractor last night by riding Danny Reaganís Ropin Dreams, a bull that hadnít been ridden in over a year. Heís healthy and riding with a lot of confidence but heís got his hands full. This bull really bucks but heís one J.W. can be 89 to 92 on.

               Standings leader Luis Blanco has the world title on the line. He got bucked off pretty quick last night so heís going to have to step it up and be close to 90 to come back for the championship round tonight. He has a bull they were 90 on at Fort Worth so he has the chance to get it done. If he doesnít make it back to the short round on one bull itís probably going to blow his chances at the championship.

               If Luis slips up there are a few guys behind him who would love to take that top spot in the standings and win the title. Thatís what makes tonightís round so exciting Ė anything could happen. Tonight is the night these guys have worked all year for. Itís the night we name the new CBR World Champion.