Tomorrow Night Could Be Most Exciting Horizon Event in History

Tomorrow Night is the exciting finale to the 2012 CBR season, The Lea County Sheriffs Posse CBR Horizon Series in Giddings, Texas! This is one of the most exciting seasons in  CBR history, as there are several riders in contention for the 2012 CBR World Championship Crown and they have been neck in neck all year. It will come down this final event and the next and final stop on the CINCH CBR Tour, The World Championships, at Cheyenne Frontier Days July 23rd and 24th. There are at least 6 riders who have an opportunity to win it all and at least a dozen with a fair shot. Luis Blanco from Brazil and Josh Barentine of Louisiana have taken matters very seriously and have competed at all the recent Horizon Series events and even some of the Fort Worth Stockyard and Billy Bobís Texas events in effort to edge each other out. Other riders such as Hector Cardona, Robson Aragao, Tyler Adrian and Craig Jackson have also been burning up the CBR circuits and all are within points of each other.  Three time PRCA World Champion JW Harris is also in the mix trying to earn his qualification and invitation to the CBR World Championships. You can expect to see all of them tomorrow night in Giddings and it will be very interesting to watch the cards fall and how these riders will align going into Cheyenne. Best of luck to all the competitors ! See you all in Cheyenne!