Championship Bull Ridings Focus Turns to Cheyenne

Now that the 2012 CINCH CBR Tour has wrapped up their final event in Loveland, CO- the countdown begins in earnest for the CBR World Championships this summer at Cheyenne Frontier Days ( CFD) in Wyoming.  Slated for July 23rd and 24th, the CBR World Championships will determine the top rider for the 2012 season and award the winner a $100,000 check. The competition has been strong and consistent all season for the top names on the leader board, Luis Blanco, Gustavo Pedrero, Josh Barentine and Hector Cardona. While the big point events are all done for the year, there is still some opportunity for advancement as four Horizon Series events are left to go on the schedule.
The close competition will make for a great finale at the CBR World Championships.
 Stated CBR President and 4-Time World Champion Tuff Hedeman, “We’ve never had a better group of guys on the tour. Last year in Cheyenne we had a great event and this year we plan to blow the doors off.  This group of riders all want to win and will fight to the very end to get it done. What better place to battle it out then ‘The Daddy of em All’ Cheyenne Frontier Days.”
Cheyenne Frontier Days begins July 20th through the 29th with the CBR World Championship July 23rd and 24th.  More – Ticket info, by phone: 800.227.6333