Tuff’s Picks for Loveland

Tonight’s Carl’s JR. CBR CINCH Tour event in Loveland is the last stop on the road to Cheyenne. The World Standings race has tightened up a bit so there’s a lot of guys looking to gain ground going into the CBR World Championships at Cheyenne Frontier Days in July. From the looks of the long round draw, there are some good match-ups and a lot of guys with the chance to gain some ground.


Gustavo Pedrero will be looking to keep his lead over Josh Barentine in the World Standings. Tonight he has a bull called Buckle Man from Owen Washburn’s team. Gustavo has been in a slump here lately but I think this is a good draw for him and should give him a chance to get back on track and maintain his lead.


Robson Arago is in the top ten in the World Standings and has a bull called Buffalo Hump. He’s a really good draw and they were 87.5 on him at Dodge City. He’s probably not going to win the round on him but he’ll have a chance to be in the top five or six.


Jake Littlefield has been hurt and pretty hit and miss but he made a great ride in Lafayette. He’s got a bull called Change Up tonight. They haven’t rode him yet but they’ve come close and the guys who had him would have been 90 if they’d made eight seconds. He’s a really good bull and if Jake rides him he can definitely win the round.


Cody White is coming off an injury but he’s drawn a really good bull, Wreck City. If Cody rides him he should definitely be in the top three in the round.


McKennon Wimberly has Cowboy Coffee, which is a bull that is usually a short go bull anywhere he goes. McKennon was out for well over a year after a severe concussion. He’s made a couple rides close to seven seconds but this is a good bull and if he rides him he’s got a great chance to win the round.


Tate Harris won Dodge City and he’s got Ropin’ Dreams from Danny Reagan tonight. That’s another bull that anywhere he goes he’s usually in the short go. He’s another one that they should ride but they haven’t yet.  It should be a pretty good match-up.


Overall, there are a lot of good match-ups in tonight’s draw. Everyone should be bringing their A game to gear up for Cheyenne and it should be a good event to watch. The race has kind of tightened up and it could be interesting to see what the standings look like after tonight’s event.