Tuff’s Picks for Lafayette


            The CBR crew is excited to be here in Lafayette, Louisiana for the first time. Tonight’s Silverado Slam Championship Bull Riding presented by Super Chevy Dealers of Acadiana is shaping up to be a great event with some tough match-ups.


Willis Trosclair has drawn Vortex Madness, which is a bull that they won the round on at Del Rio. Willis was beat up early in the year. This bull’s wild and goes to the left. Willis rides bulls pretty good into his hand. He’ll either win the round or Willis will be hung up dragging for a while because he has a tendency to hang up if he gets bucked off away from his hand. It should be exciting either way.


Craig Jackson has Directory Assistance. This bull was better at Del Rio than I’d seen him be in probably six months. I think Craig’s got a good chance at him and would be a lot of points if he makes the whistle.


Josh Barrentine is kind of a hometown cowboy since he doesn’t live very far from here. He’s got a bull called April Fools that they ride quite a bit. I don’t know that he can win the round on him but he’s got a good chance to be in the top five and set himself up for an event win.


Luis Blanco won the truck last week in Del Rio. This week’s he’s got 830 Greenhorn of Bennie Cude’s. He’s a really great bull that turns back in the gate to the left. Luis has a great chance to be a lot of points.


Robson Arago has a bull called Warrior that really, really bucks. Nobody’s rode him yet. He bucks as hard as any bull in the short go. Robson has a chance to ride him, if he does, he’ll win the round and be over 90.


It’s always good to come to Louisiana because the people are so nice and the food’s awesome. We’re excited to be here and there’s not a bad seat in the Cajundome so it’s sure to be another great show.