History In The Making

Many memorable moments have been made during the George Paul Memorial in Del Rio and tonight, it is only fitting, that on the 35th anniversary of the “Superbull”, THE most historic night is noted.  A record crowd, the largest in the GPM history, turned out to pay tribute to 35 years of bull riding and the man whose name is memorialized through this event. In addition, the thousands of fans who attended Saturdays performance, witnessed one of the most thrilling events in bull riding history. Producers of the George Paul Memorial, Bobby Paul and its title sponsor Ram County Dodge, offered a brand new Dodge Ram Truck to the winner of the Bounty Bull and they won it! Brazilian rider, Luis Blanco, earned the opportunity after narrowly beating out another Brazilian rider, Robson “Spiderman” Arago for the top score. At the end of the evening, Blanco was given the chance on the chosen bounty bull owned by stock contractor Billy Jones, Poker Face. Unfortunately the gate was released before Blanco nodded his head to acknowledge he was ready for the ride. Producers offered Blanco another shot at the prize on a reserve bounty bull, also owned by Jones, Jimeny Cricket which he  rode for the eight seconds, thus securing the ultimate prize! A beaming Blanco was handed the keys to his prize by Nick Koury, owner of Ram Country Dodge. Blanco then thanked all the fans of Del Rio for sharing a memorable night with him.

Other accolades go to Paul Daniels and his bull Black Betty for taking home the $20,000 CBR Bull Games Competition win.

Another great day of bull riding continues Sunday afternoon as all 40 of the CBR cowboys will be back for a try at the 2012 George Paul Memorial title.