Tuffs Picks

Tuff's Picks for Tonight's Vegas Challenge


Championship Bull Riding has rolled into Las Vegas for tonight's South Point Tuff Hedeman Vegas Challenge. The best cowboys on the CINCH Tour have arrived at the South Point Hotel, Casino and Spa and we're ready to buck some bulls.


Chandler Bownds has Lumber Jack, which is a bull Aaron Pass was 90 on at Dodge City. Chandler hasn't been quite as consistent as he would like and he's not really having the year everyone expected him to have. This is one bull riding, one bull and it's one chance for him to turn things around. He's got a good one drawn to do just that.


Gustavo Pedrero is in the lead in the standings and he's got a bull called Double Back of Danny Reagan's. This bull's been around quite a bit and they ride him fairly often. He's probably not one Gustavo is going to win the round on but he could be 86 to 89 which, when you're leading the standings, is a good kind of bull to have.


Wesley Silcox has Pale Face Jose drawn and they won first or second in the long round with about 90 on him at Lubbock. He's dang sure got a chance to win the round.


Trey Benton's got a bull called Warrior from Skillet Creek and Brad Vogele. He's probably one of the top three bulls in the long round. They usually don't take him very far but Trey Benton's probably one of the best young guys we've seen in a while. If he rides him he's probably going to be first or second in the round and I'd say he's got a fifty-fifty shot either way.


The matchup of the round, though, is probably Cody Teel on Change Up. I think he's probably the best bull in the long round and Cody's probably riding better than anybody right now. He's winning the PRCA and just won Fort Worth so he's got momentum. This bull really bucks but Cody looks like he's got what it takes to ride him.


The South Point here in Las Vegas has supported Championship Bull Riding from day one. We're glad to be back and it's always good to be in Vegas. There's still tickets available if you're in town, otherwise check out for live  event coverage.