Tuff's Picks for Tonight's Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge

 It's hard to believe we're preparing for the 20th annual Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge here at Cowtown Coliseum in Fort Worth. I'm proud to say this event has a long-standing reputation for bringing the best riders and bulls to town and it looks like there's some good match ups on tonight's long round draw.
Josh Barentine is currently sitting a very close second behind Gustavo Pedrero in the standings and he has a chance to make up some ground tonight. Josh has a bull that Trey Benton was 90 on at Lufkin the other day and Clayton Foltyn was 88 on him at Cheyenne. He's a bull he could win the round on. I'm going to pick him to be in the top three in the round.
Another rider to watch is Cole Echols, who has a bull called Cinch Up from Little Bear Creek Ranch. That's a bull they've been all the way from 85 to 90 on. He's pretty rideable and Cole probably won't win the round but he stands a good shot at coming back to the short go.
Hugo Pedrero from Mexico has drawn Double Back. Hugo's just coming back from a couple years of injuries and appears to be healthy. Double Back's a good draw for a guy who's very talented but has been out a while like Hugo. This bull is something he can probably ride and build some confidence. He's not going to win the round but he should be in the high 80's.
Bradley Harris has got Directory Assistance. If you asked all forty guys competing tonight which bull they wanted to get on, he'd be at the top of the list for most everybody. He's the kind of bull guys love drawing.
Current number-three cowboy Hector Cardona has a bull of called The Grinch from Scott Burruss. He's the kind of bull that will go either way but if you ride him you're going to be a ton of points.
Definitely one of my top picks for tonight is Trevor Kastner on a bull, number 833, that Trey Benton was 91 on a week or so ago. He's just an awesome bull and he'll give Trevor a great chance to win the round.
It's cool to look back on 20 years of the Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge. We've paid out more than two million dollars in cash and prizes over the years and have bucked something like 2,500 bulls. Every top bull rider or bull that's been around in the last two decades has been through this event. We're doing some cool stuff with production because it's the 20th year and it should be a good show as always. It's become a bull riding tradition and I'm probably more excited for this event than any other all year.