George Paul Memorial Celebrates 35 Years

The oldest bull riding event, The George Paul Memorial, will celebrate its 35th year this April.

The GPM also known as Super Bull will be held in Del Rio, April 28th and 29th. It is the longest running bull riding event ever and every major name in bull riding has competed during its history.

“I think it is real interesting that we have the oldest continuous bull riding in the world and our friend, Tuff Hedeman, has the oldest continuous indoor bull riding in the world. CBR, Tuff and The George Paul are the natural fit and I look forward to his event in Fort Worth, as much as I do ours.  I guess our event is kind of a favorite of Tuffs since he won it three times,” stated Bobby Paul.

The George Paul Memorial is named in honor of the only bull rider to ever ride 79 consecutive bulls in competition. George Paul was the 1968 RCA World Champion and NFR winner. The GPM was started by the Paul family as a way to honor the storied bull rider who was killed in a plane crash in 1970. The GPM, held every spring, is one of the most memorial events of the year and bull riding fans make an annual pilgrimage to Del Rio, Texas to witness some of the best bull riding in the world, not to mention enjoy the big time party atmosphere.

This year, in honor of the 35th year, event producer Bobby Paul announced a “big surprise” for the rider who gets a shot at the Ram Country Bounty Bull during Saturday night’s performance. Paul advised that details will be forthcoming but if a cowboy rides the Ram Country Bounty Bull, he will be very happy and glad he came to Del Rio.

Make plans now for a weekend of fun at the 35th Annual George Paul Memorial, April 28th, 7PM and April 29th, 3PM. For ticket information please call 830-775-9595 or logo onto

George Paul Memorial is sponsored by Ram Country Dodge, and Silver Eagle Distributors.