2009 CBR World Champion Hugo Pedrero Returns to the CBR Arena

2009 CBR World Champion Hugo Pedrero will return to bull riding this weekend in Dodge City. Pedrero, who took extensive time off to mend from a hand injury and subsequent surgery, has been recuperating at his home in Mexico.
“I am really looking forward to being back with the CBR. I’ve missed all the fans and staff and I feel like I am coming home,” said Pedrero in a phone interview.
CBR fans have eagerly anticipated the return of Pedrero who has been preparing by riding bulls in Mexico and following a strict work- out routine. After taking so much time off, Pedrero returns to find tough competition including his cousin, Gustavo, who is making an earnest try at a World Champion buckle for himself.
“I know I have some work ahead of me, but I am prepared. I have won once before, I know what it takes to win again,” stated Pedrero.
Celebrate Hugo Pedrero’s homecoming  this Saturday at the Roto-Mix Dodge City Shootout. The show is at 7:30PM hosted at the United Wireless Arena. Only a few hundred tickets remain for the show so buy them now at the United Wireless Arena ticket window, or 800-745-3000.