CBR Evan Williams Bull Fighter Profile

Matt Baldwin is not your ordinary man. During the week he operates his own construction business and on the weekends he jumps in front of bulls. “Brushes with death” are something he counts on a weekly basis, with a smile. He has a taste for the extreme but chatting with him within the normal setting of a hotel lobby, it’s hard to see that side of him through the slow southern drawl, boyish smile and easy personality. But that indeed is Matt Baldwin- Professional Bull Fighter.
Matt has been fighting bulls for the CBR since the beginning of the organization in fact he fought bulls at the very first CBR event in Jackson, MS ten years ago. He has been facing off against bulls for nearly 21 years and is one of the most respected and highly regarded bull fighters in the business. 
One of the most talked about characteristics of Matt Baldwin is his is absolute love for bulls, as an athlete, not just an animal. He has a lot of respect for the beasts and often talks about them as if they were fellow co-workers. The other characteristic people often mention is he sheer lack of fear. Matt is one of the only bull fighters in the world that wears absolutely no protective gear or padding. Not something that is recommended by anyone especially when you are up against a 2000 pound beast with a mind of its own. But it is just part of who Matt is. With too many injuries and broken bones to count, Matt is known to have stepped into the arena to work with broken ankles, toes, fingers and ribs.
Matt Baldwin has one of the most interesting perspectives on life and the danger he faces day to day. He makes it a point to pray before he gets in the arena but not for himself, he says, “That would be silly. That’s like saying you’re gonna jump off a house and then pray for protection. I can’t be a hypocrite,” he says with a laugh.
The other half to Matt’s side is his wife Kristy, who just goes along with whatever he brings her way. Kristy is a paramedic, which sometimes comes in handy. Recently Matt fell from a rooftop he was working on and knocked himself unconscious for a time and cut his head. When he returned home Kristy took one look and calmly grabbed her purse for yet another trip to the emergency room.
Matts other unique quality, his love for his children. A fierce dare devil in the arena and a teddy bear at home. Kristy and Matt have two sons, Eli, nicknamed Bubba and Krease. Matt spends a great deal of time with his sons sharing with them the many things his late grandfathers shared with him. It is important to him to teach his children how to be good people who work hard and take care of each other. 
All these many things combined lend to a one-of-a-kind type of cowboy. A soul from a generation long forgotten but we are happy to have with us now.