Henry Rifles Honors U S Army Veteran In El Paso

 Henry Rifles honored U S Army, Command Sergeant Major Arthur A. Conners III during Saturdays performance of CBR in EL Paso, Texas.  CSM Conners is a 24 year veteran of the US Army and was recently promoted to Command Sergeant Major of the 2nd Brigade, 1st Army Division at Fort Bliss.

CSM Conners is an Illinois native and enlisted in the Army when he was 19, following in the footsteps of his grandfather who was in WWII, and father who served in Vietnam. He has served our country throughout four deployments, once in Operation Desert Storm and three times during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

This is the second time CSM Conners has been stationed at Fort Bliss, the first being in May 2007. Fort Bliss is one of the largest military bases in the US where most of the Army’s combat units are located. Over 40,000 soldiers are stationed at Fort Bliss. CSM Conners resides on base with his wife Angel and they are parents to two sons.

CSM Conners was honored as and American Hero by Henry Rifles and was given a Military Service Edition Henry Golden Boy .22 caliber rifle. Saturdays CINCH CBR Tour event in El Paso was the first time CSM Conners had attended any bull riding event. After the event he stated he was “hooked” and would be a lifetime CBR Fan, also stating it was an evening he would never forget.