Tuff's Picks for El Paso

Itís always a sold out crowd here in El Paso and, it looks like this year is going to sell out again. If you havenít gotten tickets yet, youíd better hurry. The top four guys in the standings have drawn deep in tonightís long round so it should be good watching at the Casa Ford Tuff Hedeman West Texas Shootout.


Current standings leader Josh Barrentine can really, really ride and heís got a bull of Danny Reaganís called 77 Candy Shop. This is a really good bull. Heís one of the ones that stands out and heís got a good shot to win first, second or third in the round.


Tyler Adrian is close behind Josh in the standings right now. He made a good ride on his first one at Hobbs and when he got off he got stepped on, knocked out and it looked like he was going to be hurt pretty bad. They took him in the ambulance and he woke up as they were leaving the parking lot. He made them let him out and he came back and got on his short round bull. So heís a real tough kid and he rides well. Heís got a good bull of Owen Washburnís, Smiliní Bob. Thatís a good match-up that definitely favors Tyler.


Number-three guy, Gustavo Pedrero has got Pale Face Jose of All Star/Cooper/Scruggs. Thatís the bull Chandler Bownds won the long round on last week with a 90.5. Heís a really good bull with a lot of timing. Heís the kind you can win the round on.


Cody Teel is sitting in fourth right now and he has Danny Reaganís Ropiní Dreams bull. Cody is probably one of the best young guys weíve seen come around in the last five or six years. Ropiní Dreams is a really good bull but one he should be able to ride. Heís got a pretty good chance to win the round as well.


Nile Lebaronís another guy to watch tonight, even though heís not in the top of the standings. Heís got Shyster and he was most definitely the best bull in the long round at Lubbock and probably one of the best two or three bulls at the event. Nile has a chance to ride him but itís going to be a tough match-up.


Itís fun to come here for me because this is where I was born and raised. Itís always sold out and we get a lot of support from the fans and sponsors like Casa Ford and Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino. If it wasnít for them we probably wouldnít be able to have the event.