Day 3 at the NFR

 Yesterday was the third day of NFR but for many the days are all starting to run together.  In the ten days of competition it’s not only bull riding that keep CBR riders busy.

“Everyday it’s something. Autograph signings, appearances, meet and greets, rider meetings , sponsor parties, promoter parties, the list goes on and on, “stated Lubbock, Texas native, Chandler Bownds.” But I am enjoying every minute.”

The days and nights of all the competitors are jammed packed with activities; you have to wonder how they keep on top of it all and still have the energy to compete.

“It’s the NFR! It is very crazy but there is some down time and time to get your thoughts together and focus, “commented 2011 CBR World Champion Clayton Foltyn. “ It’s great. All my family is here, they are enjoying every minute of it all too and at the end of the day it’s a chance of a lifetime and I am just happy to be here.”

Last night CBR riders did not fare as well as hoped. JW Harris tied for third with a 87.5 on his bull Black Attack Powder ( River Rodeo). Today is day 4 of NFR and the perf is early, 12:45- Everything can change as 7 days of competition still remain. CBR will keep you posted.