Double Scoop Claims Second Consecutive CBR Neckover Bull of the Year Title


        Winning a bull of the year title is, for most, a once-in-lifetime accomplishment. At the CBR Cinch Tour Finale in Loveland, Colo., Dakota Magicís Double Scoop defied the odds and claimed the CBRís most coveted stock award for the second year in a row.

            Double Scoop, owned by Bryce Cooper, Ted Keeling and Heath Scruggs, was sitting second in the race for Bull of the Year going into the Tour Finale. The race came down to the wire and Double Scoop overtook Lyndal Hurstís One Eyed Jack in the final event of the season. This yearís journey to the top was reminiscent Double Scoopís 2010 season, when he passed Cude Energy in the last two events of the season to win the buckle.

            Owner Bryce Cooper says, ďTo win it again was unbelievable. Itís been the highlight of being a bull guy for me.Ē Cooper says the thing that makes Double Scoop an elite bucker is the love the bull has for his job. ďHe loves what he does and I think it makes him happy. The other day I was cleaning the trailer out and he walked right in and loaded himself in the compartment up front thatís his. And that was two days after we got back from hauling him 3,000 miles. There are horses that donít load as well as he does.Ē Cooper explains.

            The high number of miles spent on the trailer is the most grueling part of campaigning for bull of the year. ďWith Scoop, heís such a different bull. He can buck hard and get rode but still bring it back every time. There was only one event that he didnít go to this year and he was in the short round every time. We hauled him from Las Vegas to the Dakotas and Colorado and Cheyenne. Heís the kind you wish you could have forever,Ē Cooper says.

            Despite the fact that Double Scoop has nothing left to prove, Cooper says CBR fans can look forward to seeing him on tour again next year. He adds, ďIíd like to thank my partners and Cody White, who flanks (Double Scoop), as well as the whole CBR crew. Itís a good group of people. Everybodyís helpful and itís a great team. Iím just one guy with a few bulls whoís fortunate enough to get to show up and do what I love to do.Ē