Danny Reagan Named CBR Dakota Magic Stock Contractor of the Year

            CBR Stock Contractor of the Year Danny Reagan was among the honorees at CBRís awards presentation in Fort Worth on Friday. The Stock Contractor of the Year buckle is presented annually to a livestock provider who brings quality bulls to CBR events while supporting the bull riders and contributing to the overall excellence of CBR event production.

            Danny Reagan of Palestine, Tex. is no stranger to stock contracting or Championship Bull Riding. Last year, Reaganís bull team won the Reserve Championship at the bull team finals. This seasonís team continued to perform and placed at several events throughout the year.

            One of the factors that undoubtedly contributes to Reaganís success in stock contracting is his number of elite bovine athletes. ďThere are several different bulls I use throughout the year. I own a hundred bulls so I canít just use the same ones, I have to switch them out,Ē Reagan explains.

            Among the top bulls from Reaganís string is John Doe, the bull used in CBRís Ropiní Dreams Name the Bull Contest. Double Back and Medicine Bluff are two other veterans regularly seen stepping off Reaganís truck. Reaganís not one to rest on his laurels, though, so he continues to haul younger, less experienced bulls to events in hopes that they will become his superstars of tomorrow.

Despite his past success in the bull business, Reagan says the CBR Stock Contractor of the Year title tops his list of accomplishments. ď(CBR) is one of the biggest and best associations out there. To be contractor of the year in an association like that is quite an achievement,Ē he says.

            As any good bull man will tell you, stock contracting is never a one-man show and Reagan is quick to acknowledge other members of Reagan Bucking Bulls. ďI just want to thank the people at home behind the scenes who take care of things while Iím gone on the road,Ē he says. His wife and son play key roles in the success of the operation and CBR bull rider Tate Harris works full-time for Reagan. He adds, ďIf it wasnít for all of them being involved I wouldnít be able to do this.Ē