World Champions Presented in Fort Worth


         2011 CBR World Champion Clayton Foltyn was recognized in a ceremony last night at the historic Fort Worth Cowtown Coliseum. CBR President Tuff Hedeman CBR President along with CEO Wes Bruce presented Clayton, CBR Dakota Magic Stock Contractor of the Year Danny Reagan and owner of CBR Neckover Bull of the Year, Bryce Cooper, Allstar Ranch and Heath Scruggs to CBRís hometown. Winners of the Demented Cycle giveaway Ruben Measer and the Ropiní Dreams Name the Bull contest, Eddie Johnson were also announced.

            For Clayton, presentation was the culmination of a dream season. As CBR President Tuff Hedeman said, ďClayton has had the best year of his career. Heís rode better than anybody else, consistently. That consistency paid off, as Clayton garnered his first ever Cinch Tour win at Tulsa and went on to place in most events he entered.

Winning a World Championship comes with bragging rights, a buckle and cold hard cash. Clayton says, ďWinning that much money at one time is a good deal. Iím going to be able to buy a house now and Iím going to be getting married. (CBR) tries to make it the best for the bull riders that they can. I would just like to thank all the people that make it possible for us to go and ride for that kind of money.Ē

            If you didnít have a chance to see Claytonís road to the top in person, you can catch the remainder of the 2011 Cinch CBR Tour on GAC every Tuesday night. As previously announced, CBR will move to Fox Sports in 2012. Stay tuned to for information on the upcoming season.