Tuff’s Match-Ups for the Tour Finale in Loveland


The CBR Cinch Tour Finale is tonight in Loveland, Colo. and this is the event these guys have been working toward all year. The top riders and bulls are here and it’s going to be a great event – it’s the one everybody wants to win.

            Looking through tonight’s draw, there are a lot of top guys who’ve drawn good bulls and have a shot to win it. Chase Outlaw’s drawn Ima Bad Cat and this is a bull they rode in Tulsa for 90. They were 87 on him in Vegas and I thought he probably should have been closer to 90. Chase is as talented as any young guy we’ve seen in the last year or two. Ihe can stay healthy you’re gonna hear his name a lot and I think he’s got a chance to win the round tonight.

            Luke Kelley’s got Roper’s Like Mike, a bull that should fit him and give him a chance to end his season on a positive note. Luke’s had a tough year. He really hasn’t been healthy enough to be competitive but he’s got a chance to be between 87 and 90 tonight if he rides.

            Cole Echols has Air Patrick, a bull that everybody likes to get on. He’s got a lot of timing and he’s rideable. They’ve won a lot of rounds on him this year. If you look at his record over his last ten trips, they’ve probably ridden him about half the time but the lowest score was still for 87.5. Cole’s always ridden good but hasn’t been as consistent as he needs to be or can be. He had a big win in his hometown of Bossier City recently so he should be riding with a lot of confidence. I’d say he’s got a legitimate chance to win the round or at least be in the top two or three.

            Another interesting match-up tonight will be Stetson Lewis on Ding A Ling. Stetson started off the year big and he’s been in a pretty long slump. Ding A Ling is a bull that he’s got a good chance of riding, which would give him some much-needed confidence. It’s probably not a bull he’s going to win the round on but he could be in the top ten and make it back for the short go.

            Of course, the guy everybody’s watching is standings leader Clayton Foltyn. Clayton has had the best year of his career. I think he’s matured, not just as a rider, but as a person. He’s got the chance to be a lot of points tonight. The way he’s ridden this year, he’s separated himself from the field. He’s going to win this year’s World Championship because he’s rode better than anybody else consistently. Congratulations to Clayton on an outstanding 2011 season.