Bull Owners Vie for CBR Dakota Magicís Stock Contractor of the Year

 There is no title more coveted by bull haulers than Stock Contractor of the Year. This prestigious award is given to a stock contractor who has multiple top bulls and works to support the cowboys and all other aspects of event production as well. Given the number of top-notch stock contractors that are a part of CBR, itís bound to be a tough race with a lot of contenders.


Brad Vogele was CBR Stock Contractor of the year in 2010 and certainly has a shot at capturing the award again. With great bulls like Luca Brazzi on his truck, Vogeleís got the bull power to claim a second title. Luca Brazzi has become one of CBRís most popular bovine athletes and the other top bulls on Vogeleís string are a tough support crew.


 Lyndal Hurst is never one to be counted out of any bull competition. Hurstís reputation as a major player in the bucking bull industry is well deserved. Heís won nearly every award the business offers and would undoubtedly like to add CBR Stock Contractor of the Year to his long list of accomplishments. One of his top bulls, One Eyed Jack, is a contender for Bull of the Year and anything else that steps off Hurstís trailer is going to be good.


 Another stock contractor with a shot at taking home the Stock Contractor of the Year buckle is Danny Reagan. Reagan is the owner of the Ropiní Dreams Name the Bull contest bull, 64 John Doe. With other bulls like Double Back and Ronnie Rooster, Reaganís pen is deep enough to really challenge Vogele and Hurst for the buckle.


CBR Dakota Magic Stock Contractor of the Year will be announced following the Cinch Tour Finale in Loveland, Colo. next Saturday. Visit often for information leading up to the big night.