CBR and Henry Rifles Honor South Dakota Veteran in Hankinson

 Championship Bull Riding and Henry Rifles were proud to honor a 20-year U.S. Military veteran in Hankinson, N.D. last weekend. Monty Liknes, of Lanford, S.D., served his country in Vietnam, Thailand and numerous states as an Aircraft Maintenance technician.

            Mr. Liknes was one of two veterans selected in a drawing at the South Dakota State Fair. His family accompanied him to the Hankinson CBR event, where he was presented with a custom Military Service Edition Henry Golden Boy .22 caliber rifle in front of a sold-out crowd.

            “Down there in the arena it was hard to see with all the lights but my wife said when they presented me with (the rifle) I got a standing ovation. It was very humbling and I felt honored,” Liknes says.

The patriotism and support shown by attendees in Hankinson wasn’t something Liknes received when he returned from service in Vietnam over four decades ago.

“As a Vietnam veteran returning to the U.S. in 1969, I was told to change into civilian clothes and I was flown into a small airport stateside to avoid that hostile crowds that were usually present in the larger airports. To have the gratitude and appreciation of so many people in recognition of my service to my country was a very moving experience,” Liknes says.

“I just want to thank the CBR and Henry Rifle, along with the folks on the State Fair board in South Dakota. It took a lot to coordinate everything to put this all together,” he adds.

Championship Bull Riding and Henry Rifles thank Mr. Liknes and all veterans for their dedication and service to the United States of America. At each CBR Cinch Tour event in 2011, CBR and Henry have honored a local veteran and presented them with the custom Henry rifle Liknes received.