Tuff's Picks For Lubbock


            The CBR Cinch Tour is here in Lubbock, gearing up for tonightís Mahindra Tractors West Texas Showdown and weíve got some great match-ups in the draw.


            Chandler Bownds is probably riding the best he ever has so heís definitely one to watch. You can never count Chandler out but heís got a bull thatís certainly a handful. They havenít ridden him all year and heís bucked off J.W. Harris.


            Luke Kelleyís drawn Curly Bob. Itís a bull he should probably ride but Luke has been struggling this year and hasnít been healthy so itís hard to tell. When youíre struggling and havenít been healthy like that, anything can happen.


            Clayton Foltyn has an awesome draw. He certainly has a chance to win the round because heís got Air Patrick. Every time they ride him itís for big points but heís not easy to get by.


            If I had to pick one guy to win, Iíd probably go with Bradley Harris on Luca Brasi. This is a bull heís really gonna like. I think itís a coin flip between him and Clayton but the bull that Bradleyís got is just exciting to watch. He jumps so high and heís just very cool.


            Tonight is also the Mahindra Tractors West Texas Swing Finale and Lucas Dicks is in the lead. J.W. and Chandler arenít too far behind him but they need Lucas to buck off in the long round if they want to pass him. Lucas has got a bull called Lounge Lizard and he should ride him. Heís a bull that he probably wonít win the round on but he can be 85 or 87 points on him. Heís rider friendly but heís not a day off so heís a good draw for the position Lucas is in. I would say Lucas has a great shot at winning the Mahindra Swing.


            Weíre pretty excited about this event in Lubbock. The Mahindra and the Coors people have been tremendous help here and itís going to be a great event.