Bull Team Franchise is “No-Brainer” for Cooper/All Star Ranch

When the 2010 CBR Bull of the Year is on your truck, assembling a bull team around such a superstar is a no-brainer. Bryce Cooper, Ted Keeling (All Star Ranch) and Heath Scruggs knew they had other top-notch bulls to back Double Scoop up and their team carried them all the way to a sixth place finish at the Palace Station Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge Finals in Cheyenne this season.


Ted Keeling of All Star Ranch has been in the bull business for a while but says he has finally found his place in the business through CBR’s bull team competition. “I was about ready to get out of the business. Most everybody that goes to the futurities and derbies is not getting money back. This deal, being able to give 100 percent payback – it was a no-brainer to write a $10,000 check,” Ted says.


In addition to the financial aspect of the bull team game, Ted says the scoring format keeps all teams on a level playing field. “The points per second on the ride takes the winning out of the judges’ hands a little bit. It takes the right kind of bulls but it’s a lot easier to find those than it is to find that bull of the year. I’m sold on it,” he says.


Ted, who describes himself as, “the farm team” leaves the hauling and bull selection up to partner Bryce Cooper. For the most part, Bryce’s bull selection has been the same team of Double Scoop, Ima Bad Cat and Curly Bob.


For Bryce, the prize money offered by the Palace Station Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge made the team franchise a good business decision. “In a lot of other organizations, if you don’t win first or second you’re not winning much money. The way this pays back, I kind of went into it thinking if I could break even and make it to the finals I’d be happy. We’ve had a good year and been fortunate enough to make money,” he says, adding that their bulls have placed at nearly every event they’ve attended in 2011.


The Cooper/All-Star team kept that winning tradition alive and added more earnings to its season with a sixth place finish at the Palace Station Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge Finals in Cheyenne.