2012 George Paul Dates Change; CBR Adds New Cinch Tour Event

Fort Worth, Texas (July 18, 2011) – The 35th Annual George Paul Memorial Bull Riding will be held on April 28-29, 2012. The date change returns the event to its original weekend date and allows the CBR to add another televised event to its 2012 lineup.


Bobby Paul, producer of the George Paul, says, “For years we held our event the last Saturday and Sunday in April but had to change due to contractual obligations. Since becoming a sanctioned Championship Bull Riding event, the opportunity to change back to the last weekend in April became an option that worked out well for us and CBR.”


Championship Bull Riding CEO, Wes Bruce, says the change has allowed CBR to add a new televised Cinch Tour for next season. “Our great friends Bobby Paul and John Ludlum have been fantastic partners with CBR since 2008. We certainly appreciate their flexibility in dates for the 2012 George Paul Memorial. It will allow CBR to add a new Cinch Tour event in a great venue on May 5th. We will announce that location in the near future.”


Both the George Paul and the newly scheduled event will be televised on Fox Sports Network thanks to CBR’s recent partnership with the sports entertainment leader.


Stay tuned to for updates on the 2012 Cinch Tour schedule and all the latest information on The REAL COWBOY SPORT™.