Craig Jackson’s New Kind of Cowboy Music

Rodeo has had its share of cowboy musicians over the years but it has yet to see one like CBR bull rider Craig Jackson. While the mention of a singing cowboy typically conjures up images of a man in a hat holding a guitar, Craig rocks a grill and a mic. His rap music, including a rap about bull riding, has become so popular among fans that he is working on a CD and some tracks for iTunes.


Of course, rapping and bull riding aren’t things typically paired together but this musician’s roots are in rodeo. “Whatever my dad had done, I would have probably done. It just happened that he was a bull rider so that’s what I wanted to do. As soon as I got out of high school I just didn’t want to think of doing anything else,” Craig says. Although he did take time to go to college, riding bulls has been his full-time job ever since.


Craig won his first CINCH CBR event earlier this year in El Paso, Tex. El Paso now tops his list of favorite events but he says all CBR’s are fun to attend and good for bull riders. “The guys behind the scenes work hard for the bull riders. It’s a good environment to be in and there’s a lot of guys you can learn a lot from,” Craig says.


The way CBR supports its riders often brings up sponsorship opportunities as well.  Craig is fortunate to have stock contractor J C Knapp Rodeo as a sponsor for all televised CBR events, a contribution that helps his career greatly.


When he’s not in the arena or the studio, Craig is father to a two-year-old daughter, Kayleigh. She and Craig’s two nephews are among his biggest fans. “My mom had to put up with my dad being a bull rider and me being a bull rider. That makes me glad I had a little girl,” he says.


With his bull riding career in full swing, Craig is trying to make more time to focus on his music. He hopes to have a CD released and tracks on iTunes soon and a website will follow.