Johnson Cattle Company

When Danny Johnson decided to put together a CBR bull team, he had to start with finding the right bulls. When it comes to bull selection, many contractors have their own string to pick from and others have friends or existing business partners with the right kind of bulls. But Danny Johnson took a different route – cold calling.


“I was going through the list of team owners last year and I pulled Scott Burruss’s bulls on, knowing he would be somebody who’d have extra bulls. I just cold called him and asked if he’d be interested and he took me up on it. I didn’t even meet him until the first event in El Paso” Danny says.


While Danny owns his bull franchise outright, picking bull from Scott’s string was a wise choice. Scott’s Wild Card Rodeo Company team won the CBR Bull Team Challenge in 2010.


The Burruss string proved successful again this year when Johnson Cattle Company won the Wild Card Event in Del Rio and Scott’s Wild Card Rodeo Company team took second. “We went into Del Rio both trying to win spots for Cheyenne and we got the job done,” Danny says.


Winning the Wild Card event at the George Paul Memorial Bull Riding in Del Rio was the highlight of Danny’s season, he says. “The George Paul was a sweet event. It probably had more excitement to it than Vegas or Dodge City, where we finished third. The outdoor atmosphere and open arena are great and we drew up good with J.W. Harris and Ryan Shanklin. We couldn’t have asked for better riders,” Danny adds.


Johnson Cattle Company’s winning bull lineup in Del Rio consisted of 35S Snake, 517 Rock Hard and 3414 Pocket Change. Danny says he plans to have the same team for the Palace Station Million Dollar Bull Team Finals in Cheyenne this July.


The finals at Frontier Days will be the perfect finish to this competition season, Danny says. “I’m really excited about this event. There’s 17 teams going and you know you’ll walk away with some money,” he says.


Danny, like all bull team owners, is hoping for a big finish in Cheyenne and if that happens, he’ll be celebrating the victory with his new business partner, Scott Burruss.  Danny says, “Scott’s as big a part of our success as anything. If I was to go and win Cheyenne I’d want him right beside me when I got that check. He’s a good bull man and he’s become a good friend.”