New CBR Rider Entry System

Starting this week CBR will be changing up the way riders enter events (Cinch CBR Tour and CBR Horizon Series). This weekend every CBR rider will start receiving automated text, asking if they would like to enter a particular event. To enter all they simply have to do is reply with a code provided in the text. Once books close (3-4 days) each rider will receive a response text either confirming entry into the event or letting them know they did not get entered based on the current CBR World Standing. For riders that may not have a current cell phone number on file, they may still call in just as they have in the past for the remainder of the 2010 season, but are encouraged to contact the CBR office to have their file updated. “This is the future and will make entering the event a lot easier and faster for the guys. We looked at several options that are out there before making the decision to go with Boom Text.  This is the first time a system like this has been used for entries and we expect it to be a smooth transition”, stated CBR Rider Administrator Cicily Cross.

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