Box K Cattle Company and King/Herrington

Years ago, when Ken King decided to get into the bull business, he approached reputable breeder and stock contractor Robbie Herrington about buying some cows. At the time, neither would have guessed that single transaction would grow into such a productive partnership.


“Robbie actually got me in the bucking bull business,” Ken says. “We’ve done things together for years and then when the CBR bull team deal came about, we said, ‘I’ll do it if you do it.’”


For Ken and Robbie, the Palace Station Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge offers two things that are hard to resist. “Money and competition,” Robbie says. “That’s why we do what we do. We love to compete.”


Ken adds that having a competitive pen of rideable bulls also gives the Box K and King/Herrington teams an advantage. “I felt like we had the right kind of bulls to play in this,” Ken says.


From the looks of the 2011 season, it appears Ken is dead-on about having the right kind of bulls. Team King/Herrington won the El Paso bull team event and finished second at Dodge City. The Box K Cattle team took first place in Stephenville at the 4C’s CBR Horizon event as well.


“I’ve been using the same bulls on both teams. We’ve played with a bit and tried to go ranker or more rider-friendly. We’ve been taking good bulls to everything, though. You’ve got to have a good bull that’s going to mark high but that the riders can show off a little,” Ken explains.


The bulls that have frequented Box K’s and King/Herrington’s rosters include Directory Assistance, Lounge Lizard, Son of a Buck, Dressed Up Kid and Comet’s Gold. Directory Assistance has been the team’s standout, with an average ride score of over 90 points. He will definitely be a bull to watch at the Bull Team Challenge Finals in Cheyenne, Wyo. this July.


Another key member of both teams that Ken and Robbie contributed their success to is flank man, Billy Jones. “Without Billy Jones we wouldn’t have won a nickel,” Ken says.


Robbie agrees. While he doesn’t have the opportunity to attend many events, he knows the bull team that bears his name is in good hands.  He says, “I’ve really appreciated all Ken and Billy’s hard work. They’ve got the mixture right.”