Lyndal Hurst has a track record of success in bucking bull competitions


Given Lyndal Hurst’s track record of success in bucking bull competitions, it’s no surprise to see this CBR stock contractor qualify two teams for the Palace Station Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge Finals coming up this July in Cheyenne.

            After winning at virtually every level of futurities, derbies and classics, Hurst saw the Bull Team Challenge as an opportunity to compete with his bulls beyond the aged events. “I just love to compete and if there’s a chance to win money, I’m in. It gives all the contractors another place to go with their bulls,” Hurst says.

            One of Hurst’s teams is entered under his name and the other is named after his sponsor, Pro Bull Nutrition. Both teams qualified for the finals during the regular bull team competition season, with Pro Bull Nutrition finishing fifth and the Lyndal Hurst team finishing tenth.

            Managing bull selection for two teams can be tricky but Hurst has managed to find winning combinations for both teams. “Each team goes to three events and I don’t want to compete against myself, so I’ve been alternating and switching bulls around a bit” Hurst says.

            Throughout the season, Hurst has used several bulls, including One Eyed Jack, Mooseknuckle, Boomerang, Jaw Breaker and Chad Drury’s Air Patrick. With so many great bulls to choose from, Hurst’s final roster for the bull team finals isn’t set in stone yet.

“I know One Eyed Jack will be there. He’s really stepped it up for me since Mooseknuckle’s been crippled,” Hurst says. No word on which team One Eyed Jack will be bucking for, though.

            Despite having attended nearly every major bull competition in the last decade, Hurst is excited about the chance to compete for $225,000 in Cheyenne this July. “There’s not entry fee for the finals and it pays good. And what better place than Cheyenne?” he says.

            Hurst adds that he’s already planning and preparing for next season’s competition. “I’ve got a good set of three-year-olds that aren’t quite ready to go yet but they look great. I’m really excited for next year,” he says.