Tuff's Match Up's Del Rio Day Two

 Tuffís Matches Del Rio Sunday

 We had a great first day at Del Rio and the guys rode a lot of bulls last night. Todayís long round has quite a few bulls that are usually in the short round. Because of that I donít think theyíll ride quite as many as they did last night but there should be plenty of great match-ups.

 For example, Clint Craig has a bull called Devilís Jacket. That bullís been in the short go a lot. Clint should have a good chance to ride him. The bull should fit him pretty good because he likes to turn back to the right and thatíll be into Craigís hand.

Neil Holmes has Directory Assistance, which is a bull that was real impressive here last night. Heís a bull guys like because heís a little more rider-friendly. Guys like to draw him and Neilís got an excellent chance to ride him. Stub your toe, though, and heíll buck you off.

Chandler Bownds has got a bull called Cool Whip. Heís a really good bull, just real solid. Heís been around a little bit and the average score on him is about 87.

Clayton Foltynís got a bull called One Night Stand. Clayton made a good ride in the long round yesterday but got drilled in the short round so it will be interesting to see what he gets done today.

Clayton Williams drew Pretty Boy. That bull hasnít been ridden since July of 2009 and heís a big time bucker so Claytonís got his hands full.

And of course JW Harris is always one to watch. Heís got a bull called Pocket Change and they donít ride that bull a whole lot. The last time they rode him was at the NFR and they were 91 on him. He hasnít been ridden at all this year but JW Harris is one of those guys that it just doesnít matter what he draws. He rode great and won here last night and heís won three consecutive world championships Ė enough said.

The other interesting twist on todayís rounds will be the heat. Todayís forecast said a high of 103. Itís usually hot in Del Rio for the George Paul; I think last time I won it here it was 107 when I climbed on. Sometimes that heat can affect performance but I donít think thatíll be a problem with the level of riders and bulls we have here at the George Paul.