Tuffís Matches for Del Rioís Saturday Performance

The George Paul in Del Rio is, without question, one of the most prestigious events a bull rider can win so everybody comes here wanting to win it. When you look at any draw, first you look at the guys you expect to win. Those are the guys who are highest in the standings or have a history of winning. Every bull in the draw for this event is one you can be competitive on so there will be a lot of pretty interesting match-ups in Saturdayís performance.


When I look at the draw the first names that jump out at me are Clayton Foltyn, JW Harris and Luke Kelley. Lukeís the reigning CBR Champion, JW Harris is a three-time and reigning PRCA Champ and Clayton Foltyn is the CBRís current standings leader.


Clayton Foltynís got a bull we havenít seen since Kansas City but Elliot Jacoby was 89.5 on him. Any time you have a bull they were 89.5 on not that long ago, heís obviously rideable and if you make the whistle youíll get a big score.


JW Harris is getting on 095 of Klein Brothersí. Wesley Silcox is the only guy to ever ride him. Heís gonna buck hard and JW has his hands full.


Luke Kelley has a bull called Big Red. Heís got some history and heís been around for a few years. When they ride him, theyíre anywhere from mid to high 80ís on him. The average score on him is about 87 points.


After those guys that stand out most in the draw, you look at guys like Clint Craig. He won the event here last year but he hasnít had a great season this year. Heís got a bull called Jaw Breaker and the name sounds kind of intimidating but heís really just a pretty good bull. Heís very rideable.


There are some other good match-ups to watch, like Stetson Lewis on Directory Assistance. The majority of the time this bullís in the short go they ride him and they win.


The biggest match-up of the night, though, is Ryan Shanklin on Texas Cocktail Ė thatís the bounty bull. Heíll be the last bull bucked at the end of the round and if Ryanís able to ride him, heís gonna win a $10,000 bonus. Thatís a lot easier said than done. Cocktail hasnít been ridden since Houston in 2008. Heís bucked off 94% of the guys that have been on him and nobodyís rode him for three years. They just donít buck any harder than he does. Is he rideable? Yes, but you have to make absolutely no mistakes and you have to make the best ride of your career.


Looking at Saturdayís draw, those are the match-ups that stand out the most but thereís so many guys that have a chance to win. The George Paul has the top riders and the top bulls so everybodyís got a shot at it. Thatís my favorite thing about this event - you just never know whoís gonna come out on top.