Horace Greeley advised young America, “Go west young man, go west.” CBR advises the same thing but, the west they are referring to is West, TX. and the event is Bullfest In West. That’s right, not the west that bumps up to New Mexico but, the town of West just north of Waco, TX. Hosting their inaugural Horizon Series event is something the committee has worked on tirelessly since the idea was born to do a professional bull riding.

With an added purse of $5,000, West is on the radar for many of the top CBR riders and top stock contractors. Danny Reagan, arena director, has consulted with Dwayne Utmor and Mark Cunningham, co-producers, on how the mechanics of a bull riding work and they have entrusted him with the arena production duties.  

In March, the Mayor of West was impressed with the production and the CBR friendly staff and riders at the Tuff Hedeman Challenge in Fort Worth. This bear of a man, Jerrell Bolton, knows sports after having played on the 1968-69 University of Texas championship football team. As a guy who knows athletes, he was not only impressed with the agility and physical abilities of the riders but, the bulls as well. When  Nate Perry of Elk City, OK took a double hit to his helmeted head, Mayor Bolton responded “football players take a hit that hard and when they do, don’t shrug it off, get up and walk away.” His opinion, “those guys are tough and all of West is excited about the new CBR Horizon event,” Saturday night in West, TX, April 30, 2011.