Look to the Horizon - Horizon events will make a difference for a world championship


We all like to look to the Horizon as that place where we know things will be better, be possible, a new day, a new beginning. For some, the Horizon series is more that that. It is the path to a world championship. Looking at the new world and Horizon standings puts emphasis on where Horizon fits in the plans of those bull riders that hope,  compete and work extra hard to earn a CBR world championship. Take CBR world standings leader Clayton Foltyn. Currently with 3342 points he leads for a word championship. 1245 of those points have been earned at Horizon events or 37.2 % of his overall points. Bonner Bolton in second place for a world title has earned 2599.75 of which 1044.25 of his total or, 40%, has been earned at Horizon events. One other example is Stevo Keighley in third place for a world title with 2306.5 has earned 1517.5 or 65% of his total at Horizon Series events. Keighley, from Wilson, FL, is a long way from a lot of events but, recognizes the advantage of the Horizon Series and is making every ride, every weekend count.

Several points are worth mentioning. The obvious, as points win a world championship and every point counts, if you