Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge - Fort Worth, TX



There was a time when cowboys traveled with bags of quarters, stopping at every phone booth available to call the bull riding secretary to enter each event individually. Computers, cell phones, central entry systems and rules for entering have changed the way bull riding has been and, will be impacted forever. But just a short trip down memory lane will hopefully help bull riders and all concerned realize just how far the professional sport of bull riding has come and why Tuff Hedeman is a professional sports icon.


The George Paul Memorial Bull Riding was fifteen years old when Tuff Hedeman produced his first Tuff Hedeman Challenge in 1992 at the Cowtown Coliseum in Fort Worth. Producing an event is a daunting task. When you consider Tuff was a full time contestant as well as starting to become an event producer, it made what he accomplished an amazing feat. From that beginning Tuff helped turn the bull riding world upside down and made it possible for bull riders to earn a living riding bulls. Realizing that the ability to earn a living riding bulls is short lived at best, he was a visionary who looked way down the road. What to do when I can no longer compete was part of his equation for