Key Match-Ups For 2011 CBR Texas Redneck Bull Bash

The 2011 CINCH CBR Tour will be in Lufkin, TX, tonight for the Texas Redneck Bull Bash.  A number of past World Champions are entered, and nearly all the current top-10 riders will be there.  There will also be a Palace Station CBR Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge, and 15 solid bull teams will be competing for first place and the $22,500 winner's check.  A great crowd is also expected, and that will add to the excitement!  This is always a very good event, and this year's should be much of the same.

I've received a copy of the draw, and I've put together eight key match-ups for tonight's long round.  I've also included a list of Championship Round bulls.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page and give your input.  Also, you can always email me at:  Enjoy!

Cody White vs. Wompus
Cody White comes into the event ninth place in the CINCH CBR World Standings, but he is 0-for-2 at CINCH CBR Tour events in 2011.  His long-round draw tonight is Wompus, a bull owned by Cude Bucking Bulls.  He is ridden about half the time, and the ride scores range from 87 points to 90.5 points.  He usually jumps a couple times before turning back, and he could very well go away from White's hand.  That being said, Cody should still ride this bull and be somewhere around 88 or 89 points.
My Pick:  Cody White

Luke Kelley vs. Canadian Cadillac
Luke Kelley is another rider who is currently 0-for-2 at CINCH CBR Tour events this season.  He actually drew the same bull in Hobbs and El Paso and was unsuccessful both times.  The good news is he has drawn an old friend tonight in Canadian Cadillac, a bull that will be on the Women's Fantasy Team.  Luke won the long round in Bossier City on this bull in 2010, and that started his major run towards the CBR World Title.  Kelley should be pretty confident with this draw tonight, but he just hasn't ridden well so far this season.  I'm taking the bull in what will definitely be an upset.
My Pick:  Canadian Cadillac

Aaron Pass vs. Dakota Magic's Double Scoop
Aaron Pass is currently 21st in the season standings, and he will be looking to get things going in Lufkin.  His draw for the long round is Dakota Magic's Double Scoop, a bull owned by Cooper/Scruggs  This bull has been ridden once in two outs this season, and the ride was Craig Jackson's 91.5-point ride in El Paso.  This is clearly the best draw in tonight's long round, and there is no reason Pass shouldn't ride this bull and be at least 90 points.  I'll be surprised if he doesn't end up winning the round and having a great chance to win the entire event.
My Pick:  Aaron Pass

Clayton Foltyn vs. Roper's Like Mike
Clayton Foltyn led the season standings at one point in early 2011, and he is currently fifth going into tonight's event.  His long-round draw is Roper's Like Mike, a bull owned by Shippy Rodeo Bulls.  He will be making his 2011 CINCH CBR Tour debut, but he is always one of the best draws.  He is ridden over half the time, and the ride score is usually in the high 80s.  He was a little slower at the end of 2010, but he is still one of the bulls to have.  Roper's Like Mike will be into Foltyn's hand, and this should be about close to a guarantee as it gets.
My Pick:  Clayton Foltyn

Neil Holmes vs. The Mexican
Neil Holmes has had his share of ups-and-downs so far in 2011, but he is still 20th in the season standings.  His draw for tonight's long round is The Mexican, a bull owned by Sullivan Cattle Company.  He was out in Hobbs, and he bucked off Clayton Foltyn in the Championship Round.  He's a great draw, but he is also one of the toughest to get by in the long round.  The Mexican could very well go away from Holmes' hand, and if that's the case, it will probably end pretty quickly.  If he does ride him, however, it will contend for the round win.
My Pick:  The Mexican

Chandler Bownds vs. IMABADCAT
Chandler Bownds has ridden about as well as anyone so far in 2011, and he is currently third in the standings because of it.  His draw for tonight's long round is IMABADCAT, a bull owned by Cooper/Scruggs.  This was one of the rankest bulls out in Hobbs last month, and he is going to be extremely tough to get by.  Bownds has been on top of his game the past couple months, however, and he is more than capable of making the whistle.  This one can truly go either way, but something tells me Chandler will get the job done and be 90 points or more.
My Pick:  Chandler Bownds

Elliot Jacoby vs. John Doe
Elliot Jacoby finished third in the 2010 CINCH CBR World Standings, but he will be making his 2011 CINCH CBR Tour debut tonight in Lufkin.  His long-round draw is John Doe, a bull owned by Reagan Bucking Bulls.  This is the "Facebook Name the Bull Contest" bull, and he is a good one.  He was extremely impressive in Hobbs last month, and he is a quick bull that will get a lot of riders out of shape early.  Jacoby is one of the most talented riders in Championship Bull Riding, and he can ride anything when he is one his game.  John Doe will be a tough one to start the season with, however, and I'm taking the animal athlete this time.
My Pick:  John Doe

Bradley Harris vs. Big Money
Bradley Harris is currently 19th in the season standings, and his highlight of the season was a fifth-place finish in Hobbs last month.  His draw for tonight's long round is Big Money, a bull owned by Box K Cattle Company.  He bucked off Cody Whitney in Hobbs and was marked 43 points, and I thought he could have been a point or two higher.  He has been one of the most impressive CBR bulls over the past 6 months, and he will be one of the toughest draws in the long round.  I'd like to take Harris in this one, but I can't pick against Big Money until he gets ridden under the bright lights.
My Pick:  Big Money

Championship Round Bulls
Carson's Big Rig
Shine Time
Play Mate
Thunder Down Under
Directory Assistance
Double Back
Cool Life
Double Up
Devil's Jack
White Tornado
Cowboy Coffee
Custom Chrome
Too True