2011 CBR Casa Ford Tuff Hedeman West Texas Shootout Recap

The 2011 CINCH CBR Tour was in El Paso this past weekend, and the fans witnessed another great night of bull riding.  Speaking of the fans, they deserve a lot of credit for selling out the El Paso County Coliseum and giving the bulls and riders an extra boost of energy.  Craig Jackson won the event on the strength of two 90-point rides, and it was a very deserving win for the hard-working bull rider from Houston, TX.  He had started the 2011 season a little slow, but the victory was just what he needed.

There is plenty of talk about after the second CINCH CBR Tour event of the season, so I'll get right to it.  Here are five thoughts I have after the event in El Paso.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page and give your input.  Also, you can always email me at:  Enjoy!

Craig Jackson's Win Was Important For Two Reasons
Craig Jackson's win was important for multiple reasons.  First, it's always great to win a CINCH CBR Tour event and pick up the winner's check, Resistol 20X Cowboy Hat, and Custom Henry Rifle that goes along with it.  Jackson has worked extremely hard over the past couple seasons, and it was nice to see the hard work pay off with a victory.  Like I mentioned above, he started the new season a little slow at the Horizon Series level.  Not only did his win move him into the top 25 in the CINCH CBR World Standings, it should also give him confidence to keep the momentum going as the season progresses.

Second, Jackson's win moved him into the early lead in this year's $10,000 Mahindra Tractors CBR Texas Swing.  All televised CINCH CBR Tour events in Texas will count towards the bonus, and El Paso was the first event in this year's Texas Swing.  There are obviously several more Texas events throughout the course of the 2011 season, but being in the leader after one event is never a bad thing.  It will be interesting to see if Craig can remain a contender for the $10,000 bonus over the course of the season.  If he stays healthy, he should be a factor.

Congrats to King/Herrington on the Bull Team Victory

The King/Herrington bull team found the winner's circle Saturday night, and they also collected the $22,500 winner's check.  The trio of bulls on the team were Directory Assistance, Lounge Lizard, and Son Of A Buck.  That's the same trio that carried the Box K Cattle Company team to a second-place finish in Hobbs two weeks ago.  These guys obviously have the bull team challenge figured out, and they deserve a big congratulations for that.  The three bulls also deserve a lot of credit for doing their job each and every time out.

The Washburn Company finished second in El Paso, and All Star/Cooper finished third.  Both teams placed in the money in Hobbs, and they also deserve credit for their consistency in the Palace Station CBR Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge.  Owen Washburn changed one of his bulls this time around, and while none of them were ridden for eight seconds, they were extremely impressive nonetheless.  The All Star/Cooper team won the Hobbs event, and they were successful again in El Paso.  Dakota Magic's Double Scoop was the only bull on the team that was ridden, but that was good for 91.5 points.  Both of these bull teams will be contenders at the Bull Team Finals in Cheyenne later this year.

New Number One in the CINCH CBR World Standings
Craig Jackson got a lot of the attention in El Paso after his impressive victory and rightfully so.  However, it's worth noting there is a new rider at the top of the CINCH CBR World Standings after the event in El Paso.  It's none other than 2007 CBR World Champion Bonner Bolton.  He has been extremely consistent so far in 2011 at all levels of Championship Bull Riding.  Bolton is 3-for-4 so far at CINCH CBR Tour events, including a third-place finish in Hobbs.  When he is riding this well, he is tough to beat.  Over the course of the season, he is going to be a major factor in this year's World Title race.  Right now, he is the man at the top!

I can't make it through this recap without mentioning J.W. Harris.  He is absolutely on top of his game right now, and he is making things look extremely easy.  He won the first CINCH CBR Tour event of the season two weeks ago, and he backed that up with a second-place finish in El Paso.  He rode both his bulls once again, and that included a 90.5-point ride in the Championship Round.  He is 4-for-4 so far this season, and his lowest score is 88 points.  Harris has moved into the top 10 in the season standings, and that climb should continue if he keeps entering events.

Best Bulls From the El Paso Event
As always, there were several great bulls out in El Paso.  Three bulls were marked 45.5 points, and those three were Chocolate Joey, Daddy's Boy, and Tap Out.  Chocolate Joey and Daddy's Boy are both owned by Owen Washburn, so he deserves some credit for that accomplishment.  Tap Out is owned by Cooper/Scruggs, and he was the bull Craig Jackson rode for 91 points to win the long round.  He wasn't a part of the bull team, but he might be one to look at in the future.  Other great bulls that deserve a mention are Curly Bob (45 points), Shine Time (45 points), and Playin' Hooky (45 points).  Thanks to all the stock contractors who continue to bring great bulls to Championship Bull Riding events.

Struggles Continue For Some of the Best
Wesley Silcox, Luke Kelley, Jake Littlefield, and Ednei Caminhas have all started the 2011 CINCH CBR Tour season 0-and-2.  I wouldn't have guessed that in a million years, and it's truly hard to believe.  Silcox had a great long-round bull in El Paso, but he didn't make the whistle.  Kelley had the same bull he had in Hobbs, but he couldn't get redemption Saturday night.  It's only two events, and there will be plenty more chances for all these guys to right the ship.  That being said, it's still something to keep an eye on moving forward.

Another guy who continues to struggle on the CINCH CBR Tour is Friday Wright.  It's hard to imagine, but he still hasn't made a qualified ride since his win in Fort Worth last March.  However, you heard it here first that his slump is about to end.  It's hard to think of a rider who has drawn tougher bulls over the last handful of events than Friday.  He came extremely close to making the whistle in El Paso, and the score would have been close to or above 90 points.  Wright has had some success on the Horizon Series so far this season, and it's just a matter of time before it translates to the CINCH CBR Tour.  The Lufkin event in two weeks may be his time to shine again.