Key Match-Ups For 2011 CBR Casa Ford Tuff Hedeman West Texas Shootout

The 2011 CINCH CBR Tour continues tonight in El Paso, TX.  This event has become a staple in Championship Bull Riding, and this year's should be more exciting than ever.  Five World Champion bull riders are entered, and most of the top 10 riders in the 2011 standings are in the draw as well.  This event is also part of the Palace Station CBR Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge, and 15 very solid teams will be competing for the top prize and $22,500.  If that isn't enough to get you excited, this is also the first event of this year's $10,000 Mahindra Tractors CBR Texas Swing.

There are plenty of great match-ups in tonight's long round, and like Hobbs, I expect to see a very competitive long round with several rides in the mid-to-high 80s.  I've put together a list of eight key match-ups for tonight's long round, and I've also included a list of Championship Round bulls.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page and give your input.  Also, you can always email me at:  Enjoy!

Lorenzo Rios vs. Cool Chrome
Lorenzo Rios will be making his 2011 CINCH CBR Tour debut tonight, and he will be riding close to his home country of Mexico.  He had a top-five finish in Fort Stockton last year, and he has had a little success on the Horizon Series so far this season.  His long-round draw tonight is Cool Chrome, a bull owned by Talbert & Schmutz.  He had one shaky trip in 2010, but all his other outs were very solid.  J.W. Harris won the second night in Tulsa on him with a 92-point ride in the Championship Round.  Rios has the talent to ride this bull, but he is probably going to be away from his hand.  I'm expecting great things from Cool Chrome in his 2011 debut.
My Pick:  Cool Chrome

Wesley Silcox vs. Heaven's Gate
Wesley Silcox is a former PRCA World Champion, but he didn't start his season like he wanted in Hobbs, NM.  He is going to be looking to bounce back in El Paso, and his draw for the long round is Heaven's Gate.  This bull is owned by Owen Washburn, and he was ridden twice in 2010 for an average ride score of 87.5 points.  He is probably going to go right, and that will be into Wesley's hand.  That being said, it really doesn't matter if he goes left or right tonight.  Silcox is going to be determined, and he is going to make the whistle and be in the mid-to-high 80s.
My Pick:  Wesley Silcox

Nate Perry vs. Chocolate Joey
Nate Perry wasn't in Hobbs two weeks ago, so this will be his 2011 CINCH CBR Tour debut.  He has drawn very well in tonight's long round.  His draw is Chocolate Joey, a bull owned by Owen Washburn.  Ryan Shanklin rode him for 90 points in Hobbs, and that was good enough to win the long round.  Chocolate Joey went to the right in his last trip, and that will be into Nate's hand.  Perry has also been riding well, and that makes this match-up a potential round winner.  If both bring their best, I'm going with the rider.
My Pick:  Nate Perry

Chase Outlaw vs. Silencer
Chase Outlaw has already won two Horizon Series events early in the 2011 season, and he has moved into the top 10 in the standings.  He will be making his 2011 CINCH CBR Tour debut tonight, but fans are going to be seeing him a lot more this year.  His long-round draw is Silencer, a bull owned by Frontier Rodeo Company.  He will be making his CBR debut in El Paso, but he has a lot of outs in other associations.  He has only been ridden a couple times in the past year, and he is going to be tough to get by.  Outlaw is one of the hottest guys in the CBR, however, and I can't pick against him right now.
My Pick:  Chase Outlaw

Corey Maier vs. Lounge Lizard
Corey Maier will be in El Paso tonight on the strength of his early-season success on the Horizon Series.  He is already in the top 25 in the season standings.  His draw for the long round is Lounge Lizard, a bull owned by Box K Cattle Company.  He was ridden for 88 points in Hobbs two weeks ago, and he is one of the most experienced CBR bulls in tonight's long round.  This bull started to the right and went back to the left two weeks ago.  If he has that trip again, he will get Maier when he turns back to the left.  If he stays to the right and into Corey's hand, I give the rider the advantage.  It's a toss-up, but I'm going with the bull.
My Pick:  Lounge Lizard

Howdy Cloud vs. Curly Bob
Howdy Cloud finished in the top 20 in 2010, but he wasn't in Hobbs.  He will be making his CBR season debut in El Paso.  His long-round draw is Curly Bob, a bull owned by Bryce Cooper.  Cody Atwood rode him for 89.5 points two weeks ago, and that was good enough for second in the long round.  Cloud is a right-handed rider, and this bull should go into his hand.  If that's the case, this one should be a contender for the round win.  There aren't many better draws than Curly Bob, and Howdy needs to take full advantage of that.  This match-up should end up being close to 90 points.
My Pick:  Howdy Cloud

Chandler Bownds vs. Gold Digger
Chandler Bownds started the 2011 CINCH CBR Tour season with a fourth-place finish in Hobbs, and he will be looking to improve on that in El Paso.  His draw for tonight's long round is Gold Digger, a bull owned by Sellers Bucking Bulls.  He had two CINCH CBR trips in 2010, and he was ridden once for 87 points.  He bucked off Chandler in Las Vegas last season, so the riders knows the bull.  Bownds is a completely different rider than he was then, and he should make the whistle regardless of whether the bull goes left or right.  This one should end up somewhere around 87 or 88 points.
My Pick:  Chandler Bownds

Bonner Bolton vs. Dough Boy
Bonner Bolton rode both his bulls and finished third in Hobbs two weeks ago, and he is currently second in the season standings.  His long-round draw is Dough Boy, a bull owned by Kevin Loudamy.  He doesn't have much experience, and he will be making his CBR debut tonight.  That being said, he has a lot of upside and is one Bonner can ride and be in the high 80s on.  Bolton is riding well enough right now that I won't pick against him until he gives me a reason to.  I expect him to ride Dough Boy and be in contention for the round win.
My Pick:  Bonner Bolton

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