Key Match-Ups For 2011 Hobbs Tuff Hedeman Championship Bull Riding

The 2011 CINCH CBR Tour kicks off tonight in Hobbs, NM.  The action will be at the Lea County Event Center, and things will get started at 7:30PM.  The list of bull riders includes five World Champions and the top 12 in the 2011 season standings.  There will also be a bull team challenge, and the 15 teams will be competing for outstanding prize money.  The 2010 CBR event in Hobbs was very exciting, and this year's will be no different.

There are plenty of great match-ups in the long round, and I fully expect to see close to 15 qualified rides before the short go.  I've put together eight key match-ups for tonight's long round, and I've also included a list of Championship Round bulls.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page and give your input.  Also, you can always email me at:  If you want to see a great bull riding event, come check out Championship Bull Riding in Hobbs tonight.  Enjoy!

J.W. Harris vs. Psycho Todd
J.W. Harris won his third consecutive PRCA World Title in December, and he is going to be one of the favorites to win tonight.  His long-round draw is Psycho Todd, a bull owned by Reagan Bucking Bulls.  He is ridden about half the time, and the ride scores have been as high as 91.5 points.  He is probably going to go to the left, and that will be away from J.W.'s hand.  However, the right-handed guys who have ridden this bull have scored in the high 80s.  This is one of the best match-ups in the long round, and Harris could easily end up being in the top spot heading into the Championship Round.
My Pick:  J.W. Harris

Luke Kelley vs. Wolfpack Bell
Luke Kelley's path for back-to-back CBR World Titles begins tonight in New Mexico.  He got some of the rust off last weekend at the Horizon Series event in Jackson, and he should be ready to go tonight.  His draw for the long round is Wolfpack Bell, a bull who will be on the Andrus/Barker/Danley team.  He had one CBR out in 2010, and he was ridden for 87.5 points.  He will probably be away from Luke's hand, but it shouldn't matter much.  The reigning World Champ will start his season with a ride and be in the mid-to-high 80s in the process.
My Pick:  Luke Kelley

Wrangler Dunda vs. Junior
Wrangler Dunda is coming off a rookie season where he finished 10th in the standings.  He has been to a few events in 2011, but this will be his first big test of the new season.  His long-round draw is Junior, a bull owned by B&E Bucking Bulls.  In two CINCH CBR Tour outs in 2010, this bull was ridden once for 89 points.  This match-up could lead to a round win for Dunda, but he is going to have to bring his A-Game.  Nonetheless, I still look for him to start 2011 with a great ride.  He should be near the top of the leaderboard heading into the short go.
My Pick:  Wrangler Dunda

Jay Morrow vs. White Tornado
Jay Morrow will be making his long-awaited return to the CINCH CBR Tour after battling with numerous injuries the past couple years.  His long-round draw tonight is White Tornado, a bull owned by K-J Bucking Bulls.  He was unridden in a couple CINCH CBR Tour outs last season, but he was ridden for 91 points in Fort Stockton.  Morrow is going to have to bring his best to get by this one, and I'm not sure he has gotten all the rust off yet.  If he rides him, he will contend for the round win.  That being said, I'm taking White Tornado this time.
My Pick:  White Tornado

Steve Woolsey vs. Air Patrick
Steve Woolsey finished second in the final 2010 standings and will be making his 2011 season debut in Hobbs.  His draw for the long round is Air Patrick, a bull owned by Chad Drury.  Bronson Butcher won the long round on him in Woodward last September, and he is a great draw.  He is going to go left which will be into Steve's hand.  This match-up is about as close to a guaranteed qualified ride as you are going to find in the draw.  Air Patrick is a great bull, but Woolsey will be better than him tonight.  The two should combine for something close to 90 points and a possible round win.
My Pick:  Steve Woolsey

Aaron Pass vs. Black Canada
Aaron Pass finished the 2010 season very well, and he has already moved up to 12th in the 2011 standings after coming back from an early-season injury.  His long-round draw tonight is Black Canada, a bull owned by Owen Washburn.  His only CINCH CBR Tour out in 2010 was also in Hobbs, and he was ridden for 88 points.  He went to the left that trip, and if he has the same trip tonight, it will be into Aaron's hand.  Pass is going to be one to keep an eye on in 2011, and he comes into the event riding very well.  He should get the job done on Black Canada and be in the mid-to-high 80s.
My Pick:  Aaron Pass

Craig Sasse vs. Wonderboy
Craig Sasse is another rider who finished the 2010 season on a hot streak.  He hasn't been to many Horizon Series events this season, so he will be looking to get things going in Hobbs.  His draw for the long round is Wonderboy, a bull who will be on the Blankenship/King/Rash team.  He had a few CINCH CBR Tour outs in 2010, and he was ridden twice for an average score of 87.75 points.  He is a great draw, but he will go either way out of the chute.  If Sasse picks up where he left off in 2010, he will have no problem getting by Wonderboy tonight.  I expect him to get a qualified ride and be 87 or 88 points.
My Pick:  Craig Sasse

Cody Whitney vs. Big Money
Cody Whitney will be making his return to the CINCH CBR Tour for the first time since the 2009 Tour Finale.  He has drawn one of the strongest bulls in the long round in Big Money.  This bull is owned by Box K Cattle Company, and he was one of the most impressive animal athletes the last couple months of the 2010 season.  He was unridden on the CINCH CBR Tour last season, but Lorenzo Rios rode him for 91.5 points in Fort Stockton.  Whitney is more than capable of riding Big Money and winning the long round, but he is going to have to be near perfect.  I'm picking this bull until he gives me a reason not to.
My Pick:  Big Money

Championship Round Bulls
Dakota Magic's Double Scoop
Cool Life
Directory Assistance
Gringo Honeymoon
Moon Shadow
Daddy's Boy
One Eyed Jack
The Mexican
War Chief
Carson's Big Rig