2011 Neckover CBR Bull of the Year Preview

Dakota Magic's Double Scoop won the 2010 CBR Bull of the Year Award, and things went right down to the wire.  The 2011 race will be very competitive as well, as there are plenty of bulls in Championship Bull Riding capable of winning the title.  The CBR Neckover Bull of the Year Award will go to the bull that the riders win the most money on throughout the 2011 CINCH CBR Tour presented by Mahindra Tractors.  The stock contractor who owns the Neckover Bull of the Year will also receive a custom 32-foot Neckover livestock trailer.

The favorite heading into 2011 will undoubtedly be Dakota Magic's Double Scoop.  He came out of nowhere last season and quickly became the bull to have in the Championship Round.  That being said, there will be plenty more bulls ready to overtake him to become the next CBR Neckover Bull of the Year.  A lot of the names on the list will be familiar to fans, but there may be a few who could surprise everyone like Double Scoop did in 2010.

I've put together a list of 15 bulls who are capable of winning the 2011 CBR Neckover Bull of the Year Award.  There is a list of favorites, contenders, and sleepers.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page and give your input.  Also, you can always email me at:  Enjoy!

The Favorites
Dakota Magic's Double Scoop, a bull owned by Cooper/Scruggs/All Star, really needs no introduction.  The 2010 CBR Bull of the Year outlasted all the competition to win the prestigious award, and he will be back in 2011 to defend it.  The riders rode him seven out of eight times for an average ride score of 91 points.  Some of the events won on his back include Del Rio, Lubbock, and night one of the CBR Tour Finale.  As long as he keeps bucking like he did the past 12 months, he will be tough to beat.

Cude Energy, a bull owned by Benny Cude Bucking Bulls, finished as the runner-up to Dakota Magic's Double Scoop in 2010.  He was the leader going into Lubbock, but an injury kept him out of the last two events of the season.  He is scheduled to return in 2011, and if he continues to buck like he has in the past, he will be right in the thick of the title race again this year.  The riders won numerous events on him in 2010, including Nashville, Fort Worth, and Bossier City.

Directory Assistance, a bull owned by Box K Cattle Company, was also a finalist for 2010 CBR Bull of the Year.  He is a bull the riders love to pick, but he doesn't get ridden as often as Dakota Magic's Double Scoop or Cude Energy.  However, he usually produces a score in the 90s or very close to it.  Elliot Jacoby was 92.5 points on him in Hobbs, NM, and that was more than enough to get him to the winner's circle.  If the riders can make the whistle on him enough times, Directory Assistance will be a contender once again.

Carson's Big Rig, a bull owned by Reagan Bucking Bulls, came on strong at the end of the 2010 season.  He was ridden three out of the last four times he was out, and the riders were 90 points or better every time.  In addition, he was ridden two other times throughout the season for 89 points.  He is a bull that will buck a rider off if they don't bring their best, but he is also one they should ride almost every time and be 90 points.  If he continues to get picked high in the Championship Round, he will be one of the favorites to win the 2011 Neckover CBR Bull of the Year Award.

Daddy's Boy, a bull owned by Owen Washburn, could be a huge factor in this year's Neckover CBR Bull of the Year race.  He bucked under the radar in 2010, but the numbers don't lie.  When the guys rode him last year, they were 90 points or more.  Kenny Westrope won Window Rock on him, and he was 92.5 points in the process.  If this bull gets enough outs in 2011, he is going to put himself in contention for the award.

The Contenders
Muy Caliente, a bull owned by J.C. Knapp, was a finalist for the 2010 CBR Bull of the Year Award.  He was only a four-year old last year, and the extra year of growth should benefit him even more this season.  Cooper Kanngiesser won the first night of Tulsa on him, and Bradley Harris rode him for 90 points and finished second in Hobbs.  It will be interesting to see if he ends up being a regular in the Championship Round.  If he becomes a regular, he should also become a contender as the season progresses.

Wild Nights, a bull owned by Reagan Bucking Bulls, was another finalist for the 2010 CBR Bull of the Year Award.  He had a couple off trips late in the season, but for the most part, he was a bull who could help get a rider to the 90-point mark.  Elliot Jacoby won the Championship Round in Bossier City on him, and the 91.5-point ride was one of the best of the season.  Bradley Harris also won a round on him in Tulsa.  The only thing that will hurt him is not being in the Championship Round every time.  Other than that, the sky is the limit.

Luca Brazzi, a bull owned by Brad Vogele, could be considered one of the surprises on this list.  When he bucked a few times up north, he looked almost unrideable.  Cooper Kanngiesser was 93 points on him in Window Rock, however, and he has been much better to ride since.  Jarrod Craig was 90 points on him the first night of the Tour Finale, and Pistol Robinson was 89 points on him at Springtown a couple months ago.  He is almost always going to be in the Championship Round, and if the guys keep picking him early, they are going to win some events on him.

Air Patrick, a bull owned by Chad Drury, is a great young bull that will surprise some CBR fans this season.  He hasn't bucked in many CBR events, but he is going to be a part of some bull teams in 2011.  Bronson Butcher won the long round in Woodward on him, and Air Patrick has the potential to be ridden for 90 points or more several times this season.  It all depends on how many CBR trips he ends up having, but if he gets enough, I fully expect him to be a contender for the award.

Ronnie, a bull owned by Lyndal Hurst, is another one that has bucked under the radar a little the past year or so.  Howdy Cloud rode this bull for 90 points and won the event in Lufkin about a year ago, and Clayton Foltyn was 91.5 points on him in the Championship Round in Del Rio.  He can buck in both the long round or Championship Round and be considered a great draw.  The riders are going to score in the high 80s or low 90s every time they ride him, and that counts for something.

The Sleepers
Curly Bob, a bull owned by Bryce Cooper, is a young animal athlete with a bright future in Championship Bull Riding.  He had his ups-and-downs in 2010, but with a little more growth and maturity, he should be solid in 2011.  Jake Littlefield rode him for 92 points to win Fort Stockton last September, and that's the kind of potential he has moving forward.  His best trips have come with smaller riders on his back, and that will be something to keep an eye on.  If he can buck to his potential, he might end up knocking his running buddy Dakota Magic's Double Scoop out of the Championship Round.

No Berry Wine, a bull owned by Brad Vogele, is an extremely quick bull that has plenty of upside.  Cooper Kanngiesser was 90.5 points on him in the Championship Round in Woodward last September, and that was good enough for the round win.  If he puts a little more weight on, he can definitely be one of the breakout bulls in 2011.  He is going to be a pretty good draw or pick, and it will be interesting to see how many times he ends up in the Championship Round.

Jack Knife, a bull owned by Danny Reagan, is another bull who could end up making a big impact this season.  He was only ridden twice in 2010, but the average ride score was 89.5 points.  Bonner Bolton was 90 points on him the first night in Kansas City, and Jack Knife was really impressive the week before in Lubbock as well.  If he continues to impress, he is going to be one the riders want to pick more often this season.

Big Money, a bull owned by Box K Cattle Company, is probably the biggest long shot on this list.  He was a four-year old in 2010, and he was a pretty rank bucker.  He was only ridden once in CBR competition, and that was good enough for 91.5 points in Fort Stockton.  This could be a pretty crazy prediction, but I think he might be the next Directory Assistance.  He never has any tricks, but he bucks extremely hard every time.  If he ends up replacing Directory Assistance in the Championship Round, he is going to have more opportunities to pick up some event wins.  I'll be watching him closely in 2011.

Here's The Deal, a bull owned by Sellers Bucking Bulls, is another bull that can help produce some 90-points rides in 2011.  He was ridden twice in 2010, and the average ride score was 90 points.  Jake Littlefield won the Championship Round on night one in El Paso on this bull, and the ride score was 91.5 points!  He should be out this year in some bull team competitions, and he should be in the Championship Round most of the time.  If he continues to buck well, the riders are going to pick him in hopes of winning some rounds and events.