2011 CBR Horizon Series Jackson Preview

The 2011 CBR Horizon Series will continue this weekend in Jackson, TN, with the Bud Light Bull Riding Classic.  Some of the world's best bull riders and bulls will be at the Oman Arena this Friday and Saturday, and the action will begin at 7:30PM each night.  Over half the riders who qualified for the 2010 CBR Tour Finale are entered, including 2010 CBR World Champion Luke Kelley.  In addition, seven of the top-10 riders in the 2011 standings will be in Tennessee as well.

This is the last Horizon Series event before the start of the 2011 CINCH CBR Tour presented by Mahindra Tractors.  All the riders will be trying to get one final tune-up before heading to Hobbs, NM, next weekend.  I've put together a list of 10 riders to watch for this weekend in Jackson, TN, and I've also included the entire list of riders entered in the event.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page and give your input.  Also, you can always email me at:  Enjoy!

Luke Kelley
Luke Kelley will be riding in his second CBR Horizon Series event of 2011 this weekend, and he will be looking to get things going before the start of the CINCH CBR Tour presented by Mahindra Tractors.  He won an Invitational Bull Riding in Georgia earlier this month, and it will be interesting to see if he can get some momentum going before the CBR heads to Hobbs.  He should be one of the favorites this weekend in Tennessee.

Clayton Foltyn
Clayton Foltyn is currently at the top of the 2011 standings after a very consistent start to the new season.  He kept his run going two weeks ago in Lebanon, MO, with a fourth-place finish.  He also had top-five finishes in Allen and Springtown, in addition to finishing well at some of the Friday night Horizon Series events in Fort Worth.  Foltyn has been on a roll, and it comes at a great time with the CINCH CBR Tour starting next weekend.

Ryan Shanklin
Ryan Shanklin was at the top of the standings before being passed by Foltyn, but he is still second heading into this weekend's event in Jackson.  He won the event in Wichita Falls in November, and he has placed at nearly every other place he has entered.  His most recent great finish came in Monroe, LA, on New Year's Day where he went 2-for-2 and finished third.  Shanklin's great start has been one of the big CBR stories so far, and he will be one of the favorites this weekend.

Stevo Keighley
Stevo Keighley has quietly put together a very consistent season as well, and he is currently third in the season standings because of it.  He started the 2011 CBR Horizon Series season with a win in Longview, TX, and he has continued his success since then.  A couple weeks ago in Lebanon, MO, Keighley rode both his bulls and finished third.  CBR fans might be seeing a lot more of this guy in 2011, and he is riding well enough to win this weekend in Tennessee.

Chandler Bownds
Chandler Bownds started the 2011 season with a win in Allen, TX, along with a sixth-place finish in Longview and a fifth-place finish in Wichita Falls.  Heading into this weekend's event, the young Texan is seventh in the current standings.  He has a chance to move into the top five with a solid finish.  Bownds has slowed down a little over the past couple months, but once he gets it going again, he will be tough to beat.

Ednei Caminhas
Ednei Caminhas started his CBR career with three top-10 finishes in his first four events, and his early success has him eighth in the current standings.  He will be riding in Hobbs at the end of January, but before then, the Brazilian will make the trip to Jackson for one final tune-up for the CINCH CBR Tour presented by Mahindra Tractors.  Every time Caminhas shows up, there is a good chance he is going to ride at least one bull.

Cody White
Cody White is another rider who has started his 2011 off very well, and he is currently in the top 10 heading into this weekend's event.  He has ridden under the radar a little so far, with his best finish being a runner-up finish in Wichita Falls.  He has also ridden very well at the Friday night Horizon Series event in Fort Worth.  White is one of the toughest riders in Championship Bull Riding, and he also has plenty of talent to win any event.

Cooper Kanngiesser
Cooper Kanngiesser picked things up in Lebanon after a slow start to the 2011 season.  He rode both his bulls and finished second.  The performance moved him up to 16th in the season standings heading into Tennessee.  Also, the Kansas cowboy always loves to come to Jackson, where he has ridden very well in the past.  Last year in Jackson, Kanngiesser rode both his bulls and won the event.  He will be one of the definite favorites this weekend.

Clayton Williams
Clayton Williams has started the 2011 season a little slower than I expected, but that shouldn't last for too long.  With the Hobbs event right around the corner, the Texan will be looking to get things going this weekend in Jackson.  He is coming off a great 2010 season, and it's only a matter of time before he starts contending again.  It won't surprise me a bit if that happens in Tennessee.

Jake Littlefield
Jake Littlefield has taken some time off after the 2010 season in which he finished fifth in the final standings.  He will be making his 2011 debut this weekend in Jackson.  He started last season very well before struggling a little during the middle part.  However, Littlefield picked things up towards the end of the season and won a couple events.  It will be interesting to see how he rides this weekend before the CINCH CBR Tour presented by Mahindra Tractors begins next weekend in Hobbs.

Friday Night Entries
Bucky Williams
Chandler Bownds
Lucas Gilbeau
Justin Koon
Corey Bailey
Brian Titman
Dustin Bridges
Jarrod Schuelke
Justin Carlton
Andy Smith
Cody Holladay
Chase Kohl
Jeremiah Melton
Paul Hernandez
Lane Lasley
Craig Sasse
Jarrod Craig
Cole Echols
Corey Colvin
Matt Smith
Cliff Allred
Travis Koester
Cody Schultz
Travis Pollard
Shane Duncan
Steve Beckman
Cody Morgan
Chon Miranda
Shane Othen
Ryan Shanklin
Tolby Criswell
Corey Maier
Garrett Vig
Rory Maier
Clayton Foltyn
Clayton Williams
Friday Wright
Bronson Butcher
Neil Holmes
John Pitts

Saturday Night Entries
Ednei Caminhas
Jay Morrow
Brent Menz
Cooper Kanngiesser
Lucas Dick
Bradley Harris
Cody White
D.J. Young
Tate Harris
Aaron Pass
Jake Littlefield
Drew Parker
Cody Graves
Trey Benton
Quinton Threadgill
Jimmy Tubbs
Kevin Ventura
Nile Lebaron
John Marquardt
Brandon Greene
Chase Outlaw
Reagan Avery
Ben Tanehill
Luke Kelley
Robson Aragao
Ryan Clark
Stevo Keighley
Ryan Nett
Patrick Kelley
Jamel Terry
Clint Craig
Craig Jackson
Cody Hancock
Dave Samsel
Lane Wilhelm
Jamon Turner
Brandon McCullough
Lane Fugitt
Tyler Dees
Brian Ridley