2011 CBR Horizon Series Lebanon Preview

The 2011 CBR Horizon Series is coming off a great event in Monroe, LA, last Saturday night, and the attention will now shift to Lebanon, MO, for the Show-Me State Shootout.  This event is Saturday night, and the action will start at 7:00PM Central Time.  Eight riders who qualified for the 2010 CBR Tour Finale are entered, and several riders currently in the top 10 will be there as well.  Brad Vogele and Box K Cattle Company are just two of the stock contractors who will be bringing great bulls to the event.

I've put together a list of five riders and bulls to keep an eye on this Saturday night in Lebanon.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page and give your input.  Also, you can always email me at:  We hope to see a number of you in attendance this weekend.  Enjoy!

Five Riders to Watch
Cooper Kanngiesser hasn't started his 2011 season the way he wanted, but he will be riding pretty close to home this weekend.  That should help him a little, and he is due to get things going sooner or later.  He is currently 50th in the standings, and he will surely move up after this weekend.  Cooper is far too talented and will start to make his move pretty soon.

Bradley Harris is another Kansas bull rider, so he will be pretty close to home as well.  He is coming off an injury that forced him to miss the last couple events of the 2010 season, so he will be looking to get things back in order this weekend.  Harris has a ton of talent, and he makes things look as good as anyone when he is on his game.  There is no better time to get his 2011 jumpstarted than this weekend.

Jay Morrow will be riding in his first CBR event in over a year, and his story is definitely the biggest of the weekend.  He was a serious contender for the 2009 CBR World Title before injuries piled up and put him out of competition for awhile.  He is feeling great heading into the new season, and it will be great to see him back in competition.  Morrow might have a little rust, but he could still contend in Lebanon.

Lucas Dick is another Kansas bull rider to watch out for this weekend in Missouri.  He has a couple top-four finishes so far this season, and he is currently 26th in the standings.  He has enough talent to be a top-10 guy in the CBR, and he will be tough to beat this weekend.  Lucas will definitely be one of the favorites to win in Lebanon.

Chase Outlaw is coming off a huge weekend in Monroe, LA.  All he did was show up, ride both his bulls, and win the event!  The victory moved him up to 20th in the standings, and I have a feeling fans are going to see a lot more of this guy in 2011.  Outlaw is still very young, and he has an extremely bright future.  Can he make it two wins in a row?  Don't count him out.

Five Bulls to Watch
Luca Brazzi, a bull owned by Brad Vogele, has quickly become one of the most popular bulls in the CBR.  He will be in the Championship Round this weekend in Lebanon.  He usually gets a little air right out of the gate before turning into a spin after a few seconds.  If he has his rank trip, I'm not sure anyone can ride him.  That being said, he has been a little more favorable the last couple times I've seen him.  He is one the guys can ride and be 90 points or more.

Cowboy Coffee, a bull owned by Box K Cattle Company, is a bull the guys can ride and be close to 90 points.  He has been marked as high as 46 points (Del Rio), and he has been ridden for 90 points before.  He was ridden in Woodward for 88 points last September.  Cowboy Coffee will also be in the Championship Round Saturday night.

Pokerface, another bull owned by Brad Vogele, is a tough one to get by.  He was unridden in eight CBR trips in 2010, and he was marked as high as 46.5 points.  He is usually marked around 43 or 44 points, and he is a good fit for the Championship Round.  Pokerface can be ridden, but it won't be easy.

Wrangler, another bull owned by Box K Cattle Company, will be one of the bulls to have in the Championship Round this weekend.  He was unridden in four CBR outs in 2010, and he was marked as high as 45.5 points.  He has slowed down a little since then, but he can still put a guy close to or above 90 points.

Drop Tine, another bull owned by Brad Vogele, is the only bull on this list that will be in the long round Saturday night.  He is a young bull, and he continues to get bigger and better.  He was ridden twice in six CBR outs in 2010, and the average ride score was 88 points.  He is definitely the bull to have in the long round, and he could help set a rider up for great things going into the Championship Round.