Key Match-Ups For 2011 CBR Horizon Series Monroe

The 2011 CBR Horizon Series will kick off the New Year this weekend in Monroe, LA.  A number of riders currently in the top-10 in the season standings will be riding this weekend, and several riders who finished in the top-10 last year will be there as well.  That list includes 2010 CBR World Champion Luke Kelley who will be making his 2011 season debut.  In addition, Silverado Rodeo will have quite a few bulls in Louisiana, so the bull power should be pretty strong.

I've also received news that Riggin Phillips will be out of action six months after injuring his shoulder.  He is scheduled to have surgery January 11th, and we will keep you updated on his condition.  He was previously scheduled to compete this weekend.  Also, Jarrod Craig was banged up a little earlier this week and will also miss this weekend's event in Monroe.

Back to the event, I've put together eight key match-ups for the long round.  I've also included a list of Championship Round bulls.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page and voice your opinion.  Also, you can always email me at:  Enjoy!

Chandler Bownds vs. Texas Charm
Chandler Bownds will go into 2011 fourth in the standings after a solid start to the new season.  His long-round draw in Monroe is Texas Charm, a bull owned by Silverado Rodeo.  In his only CBR out in 2010, he was ridden for 85 points.  However, he has been out quite a few times in the PRCA, and he has improved since his CBR appearance.  Bownds has a chance to be close to 90 points if he rides this bull, but Texas Charm is rarely ridden by right-handers.  This is a coin flip, but I'm picking the animal athlete.
My Pick:  Texas Charm

Cody Atwood vs. Apache

Cody Atwood has also started the 2011 season on fire, and he is currently third in the standings.  His draw for the long round this weekend is Apache, another bull owned by Silverado Rodeo.  This bull didn't have any CBR trips in 2010, but he was unridden in PRCA action.  Atwood will have to bring his best because this bull isn't ridden very often.  That being said, Apache hasn't had to deal with Cody Atwood yet.  It will be tough, but this match-up should end up close to the top of the leaderboard.
My Pick:  Cody Atwood

Clayton Williams vs. Cut Across Shorty
Clayton Williams is coming off his first qualification for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, and he will be looking to start 2011 off strong.  His long-round draw this weekend is Cut Across Shorty, another bull owned by Silverado Rodeo.  In two CBR trips in 2010, he was ridden once for 93 points.  He has slowed down a little since then, but he is still a solid bull.  I've seen him go both ways, and if he stays into Clayton's hand, it will be tough for him to make the whistle.  If he goes away from his hand, however, it will work out great.  I'm banking on the latter.
My Pick:  Clayton Williams

Kenny Westrope vs. Migraine

Kenny Westrope caught fire during the 2010 Fall Run, and he has started his 2011 season very consistently as well.  He is currently in a tie for sixth in the standings.  His draw for the long round is Migraine, another bull owned by Silverado Rodeo.  In two CBR outs in 2010, this bull was unridden with an average bull score of 45.25 points.  Right-handed riders have a little better riding percentage against this bull, so that will work into Westrope's favor a little.  However, Migraine doesn't get ridden very often.  This could challenge for the round win, but I'm picking the bull.
My Pick:  Migraine

Neil Holmes vs. Satin Sheets
Neil Holmes started the 2011 season with a third-place finish in Allen, but he has been quiet since then.  Nonetheless, he is still 20th in the standings.  His long-round draw in Monroe is Satin Sheets, a bull owned by Silverado Rodeo.  In two CBR outs in 2010, this bull was unridden with an average bull score of 44.5 points.  He has only been ridden once all year, and that was for 91 points at a PRCA event in October.  Holmes will have his hands full with this one, and while he definitely has the talent to get the job done, I'm going with Satin Sheets in this match-up.
My Pick:  Satin Sheets

Ardie Maier vs. Tucker
Ardie Maier missed the last two CBR events in 2010 after having knee surgery, and he returned for the 2010 WNFR.  This will be his first CBR event of the 2011 season.  His draw for the long round is Tucker, a bull owned by Flyin' V Bucking Bulls.  This bull doesn't have any CBR outs, and he hasn't been out much over the last year.  That being said, he is still the kind of bull that can help put a rider in the mid-80s.  Maier is coming off a great win in round 10 at the WNFR, and he should handle this one pretty easily.
My Pick:  Ardie Maier

Wrangler Dunda vs. Poundcake
Wrangler Dunda started the 2011 season a little slow, but he won the Friday night event in Fort Worth a couple weeks ago.  His long-round bull in Monroe is Poundcake, another bull owned by Flyin' V Bucking Bulls.  Similar to Tucker, this bull doesn't have any CBR outs.  In a tough pen of bulls, this is one Wrangler can ride and end up in the low-to-mid 80s.  If the guys don't ride many in the long round, this could put Dunda in great shape heading into the Championship Round.  This match-up is a layup.
My Pick:  Wrangler Dunda

Luke Kelley vs. Junior
Luke Kelley is coming off an incredible 2010 season, and after taking a little break, he is ready to return to action in Monroe.  His draw for the long round this weekend is Junior, a bull owned by
B&E Bucking Bulls.  In his only CBR out in 2010, he was ridden for 89 points in Hobbs, NM.  He will probably be away from Kelley's hand, but that shouldn't matter.  Junior is a nice spinner and a great draw, especially for the reigning World Champion.  This match-up could very well end up in a round win.
My Pick:  Luke Kelley

Championship Round Bulls
Disco Inferno
Judas Kiss
Mellow Yellow
Scar Face
Melted Ice
Silent Assassin
Black Mamba
Wells Fargo