Ten Fearless Predictions For 2011: Part Two

I posted part one of my predictions for 2011 yesterday, and now it's time for part two.  If you missed the first part, you can check it out at the CBR Website.  The 2011 CINCH CBR Tour presented by Mahindra Tractors will begin in a little over a month, and it can't get here fast enough as far as I'm concerned!  It's definitely going to be the best year in Championship Bull Riding history.

In part two of my 2011 predictions, I'm going to dive into the two biggest awards in the CBR.  Those two are the Bucking Bull of the Year and CBR World Title.  It's always fun to predict these things before the season, and while it's also extremely tough, I'm going to give it my best shot.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page and give your input.  Also, you can always email me at:  Enjoy!

The Event in Cheyenne Will be the Biggest in CBR History
Out of all my ten predictions, this is the one that's really not very risky.  The CINCH CBR Tour presented by Mahindra Tractors will have two performances at the 2011 Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo, and it will undoubtedly be one of the most anticipated events in Championship Bull Riding history.  The "Daddy of em All" has tons of history in the sport, and I can't wait to get there next July!  The field of riders and bulls will be excellent, and it's going to make for one of the best bull ridings in recent memory.  Along with the George Paul Memorial, the CBR has two of the most prestigous events in bull riding.

The first night in Cheyenne will also be the 2011 CBR Bull Team Finals.  The bull teams will battle it out throughout the first half of the season, and everything will conclude at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo.  The best of the best in bull teams will be there, and like I mentioned above, you can bet most of the great riders will be entered as well.  Events like this don't come around very often throughout the year, so if you are wanting to make it to one CINCH CBR Tour stop next season, this is the one.  It's going to be great!

Double Up Will be the Rankest Bull in the CBR by Season's End
Double Up, a bull owned by Shippy Rodeo Bulls/Alpine Bucking Bulls, started coming into his own late in the 2010 season.  He went unridden in CBR competition this past year.  His first three trips were alright, but his last three really caught my attention.  At the Tour Finale in Kansas City, he bucked off Elliot Jacoby and Luke Kelley in dominant fashion and was marked 45.5 points on both trips.  Those guys finished third and first, respectively, in the 2010 CBR standings.

Double Up is hauled along with Thunder Down Under who is arguably the rankest CBR bull right now.  Throughout the 2011 season, it's going to be fun watching both of them to see which one looks better each time they buck.  Double Up was in the long round his last two trips of the season, but it will be tough to keep him out of the Championship Round moving forward.  He is still fairly young, and the scary thing is he might still improve a little more.  He is already a great animal athlete, but he will be the rankest in the CBR this time next year.

Trey Benton Will be the Next Young Breakout Bull Rider
In part one of my predictions, I mentioned how big an impact Wrangler Dunda and Chandler Bownds made during their first full season in the CBR.  If you are looking for the next possible breakout bull rider, look no further than Trey Benton.  He just turned 19, and he qualified for the High School National Finals Rodeo the past two years.  Now that he has graduated high school, he will be able to focus even more on bull riding.

I've talked to Benton about his plans for 2011, and his goals are extremely high when it comes to Championship Bull Riding.  He wants to make it to the CINCH CBR Tour presented by Mahindra Tractors, and he wants to contend for a gold buckle at season's end.  That's the confidence I love hearing from young bull riders, and it's going to serve this young Texan well in the future.  I saw him ride in Springtown, and it's pretty easy to see he has serious talent.  He might take some lumps early in the year, but he should be well on his way by the end of 2011.

Carson's Big Rig Will be the 2011 CBR Bucking Bull of the Year
The 2010 CBR Bucking Bull of the Year race wasn't settled until the second-to-last event of the season, and that was only because of an injury suffered by Cude Energy.  Otherwise, it would have been settled at the Tour Finale.  Next year's Bull of the Year race is going to be super competitive as well, and you have to start with the defending champion Dakota Magic's Double Scoop.  You can bet the riders are still going to pick him first or second, and they are still going to win a lot of money in the process.  Others who should be in the mix include Cude Energy, Directory Assistance, Moose Knuckle, No Berry Wine, etc.

That being said, the bull who will stand above the rest in 2011 will be Carson's Big Rig.  He is a part of Reagan Bucking Bulls, and he really turned it on towards the end of the 2010 season.  Throughout most of the season, he was picked in the middle of the Championship Round draft.  The last handful of events, however, he was near the top almost every time.  He is as honest as they get, and the riders can be 90 points or more every time out.  In addition, Danny Reagan will haul him to quite a few events throughout the season.  They are going to win a lot of money on him, and that's why I'm picking him to win the award.  And for a little bonus prediction for 2011, I'm going to go with Danny Reagan to win the 2011 CBR Stock Contractor of the Year award.

Jarrod Craig Will Win the 2011 CBR World Title
I'm going to admit picking the 2011 CBR World Champion is a little more than a shot in the dark, but every time I start breaking things down, one name comes to mind.  That name is Jarrod Craig, and the main reason is his consistency on a yearly basis.  Every qualified ride in CBR competition will count towards the CBR World Title, with the most points coming from CINCH CBR Tour events.  And when it comes down to the guys who are making the most rides on a weekly basis, Jarrod Craig will be right near the top almost every time.  He finished third in the CBR in 2007 and second in 2009, so he knows how to deal with being a top contender.  His riding percentage in 2010 was among the best in Championship Bull Riding, and that will go a long way in 2011.  When the dust settles next season, he is my pick to win $100,000 and put on the gold buckle.

It wouldn't be as fun if I just left it at that, so I'm going to leave my predictions for the rest of the top five as well.  The runner-up in 2011 will be Wrangler Dunda.  I already made the prediction he will win a big event or two next year, and he will be a serious threat for the gold buckle as well.  My number three pick is Steve Woolsey.  It's always tough to put him that low because he can ride anything on any given day.  He finished second this past season and will be a contender again in 2011. 

My pick for fourth is Bonner Bolton.  He finished 2010 off on a roll, and he is currently leading the 2011 standings after a great start to the new season.  If he keeps his head right, he can win it all.  I'm keeping him at four for now though.  Rounding out my top five for 2011 is Ednei Caminhas.  I mentioned him in part one, and I'm going to stand by that.  He is going to ride a lot of bulls next year, and that's going to keep him near the top all season.