2011 CBR Horizon Series Stephenville Preview

The 2011 CBR Horizon Series has been all across the state of Texas the past couple weeks, and it will be in Stephenville, TX, this Saturday night.  The action will begin at 7:30PM Central Time, and the event will be at the 4C's Arena.  Several riders who qualified for the 2010 CBR Tour Finale are entered, and several guys currently in the top 10 in the 2011 standings will also be there.

In addition, there will be a bull team competition which will add even more intrigue to the event.  Some of the contractors who will have teams in Stephenville include Lyndal Hurst, Bryce Cooper, Gilbert and Julie Carrillo, Danny Reagan, and Box K Cattle Co.  The bull power in the CBR is always strong, and you can bet it will be much of the same tomorrow night.

I've put together a list of five riders and bulls to keep an eye on this weekend in Stephenville.  If you are in the area and want to see some great bull riding, come to the 4C's Arena tomorrow night.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page and give your input.  Also, you can always email me at:  

Also, be sure to remember the Friday night CBR Horizon Series at the Fort Worth Stockyards.  Tonight is being billed as "Rankest on the Bricks" night which is also the finals for the bull team competition they have been holding over the past several months.  Winning bull teams from the past are invited, and the winner will receive a custom Hy'O Silver belt buckle.  Some of past winners include Scott Accomazzo, Norris Dalton, Chris Knapp, David Watson, Brady Roach, Trevor Walker, Mike Sellers, and Mac Altizer.  In addition, 40-plus riders have been showing up for this event every Friday night, including several of the CBR's best.

Five Riders to Keep an Eye on in Stephenville
J.W. Harris is the two-time defending PRCA World Champion, and he will be in Stephenville tomorrow night.  The 2010 National Finals Rodeo starts next week, and he will use this event as a final tune-up for Vegas.  He went 1-for-2 both nights at the 2010 CBR Tour Finale, and he finished fourth in Allen a couple weeks ago.  Harris is a major contender every time he shows up to ride, and this weekend will be no different.  It won't surprise me if he wins it and heads into the NFR with some serious momentum.

Bonner Bolton is currently at the top of the 2011 CBR standings after a great performance last weekend.  The 2007 CBR World Champion won the event in Carthage last Saturday afternoon, and he backed that up with a tie for second last Sunday in Springtown.  Bolton is riding everything right now, and it looks like he is going to be a major contender over the next year.  He will probably be in the hunt tomorrow night as well.

Chandler Bownds has also had a very solid start to his 2011 season, and he is currently third in the season standings.  The young Texan won the event in Allen a couple weeks ago, and he also has a couple more top-10 finishes on the early season.  Bownds bucked off early last Sunday in Springtown, so he will be looking to bounce back in a big way.  He will be in the mix in Stephenville.

Pistol Robinson has been a consistent CBR performer in recent years, and he is currently 12th in the 2011 season standings.  His first event of the new season was in Springtown last Sunday, and he ended in a tie for second.  He rode Luca Brazzi for 89 points in the Championship Round, and the score could have been even higher.  Robinson has a great draw for round one tomorrow night, and he will be hard to beat this weekend.

Cody Atwood may not be as recognizable as some of the others on this list, but the kid can ride!  He is currently second in the season standings after two great finishes last weekend.  He finished fifth in Carthage last Saturday afternoon, but things got better on Sunday.  He went 2-for-2 in Springtown and left with the winner's check and a Colt 45 pistol.  Atwood has a ton of ability, and it will be interesting to see if he can keep the momentum going in Stephenville.

Five Bulls to Keep an Eye on in Stephenville
Dakota Magic's Double Scoop, a bull owned by Cooper/Scruggs/All Star, is the 2010 CBR Bull of the Year, and fans will get to see him in Stephenville tomorrow night.  All the riders want to get on him, and he will be a very nice draw in the Championship Round.  I haven't seen him buck since the Tour Finale, but the guys can always be 90 points or better on him.  Double Scoop is going to be a huge asset in the bull team competition, and it's a pretty nice bonus to get a chance to see him buck again before 2011.

Directory Assistance, a bull owned by Box K Cattle Co., was a finalist for 2010 CBR Bull of the Year, and he is also one the riders love to draw.  He isn't ridden as often as Dakota Magic's Double Scoop, but he is honest every time.  Chandler Bownds was 92.5 points on him to win the event in Allen a couple weeks ago.  I watched Directory Assistance in Springtown last Sunday afternoon, and he was rank.  He will be in the Championship Round tomorrow night.

Mooseknuckle, a bull owned by Lyndal Hurst, was also a finalist for 2010 CBR Bull of the Year, and while he will buck a rider off if they don't bring their best, he is still one that can help get a rider close to the 90-point club.  He was a little off on the first night of the Tour Finale, but he bounced back with a great trip on the second night.  That's the last time I saw him buck, and I'll be excited to see what he has to offer tomorrow night.

Carson's Big Rig, a bull owned by Danny Reagan, wasn't a finalist for 2010 CBR Bull of the Year, but he is capable of winning it all in 2011.  The riders love drawing or picking him, and they are close to or above 90 points every time they ride him.  He will be in the long round in Stephenville, but he will still be a great draw nonetheless.  You can bet he will give his rider a shot to win the long round and head into the Championship Round in great shape.

Muy Caliente, a bull owned by J.C. Knapp, was another finalist for 2010 CBR Bull of the Year.  Like Carson's Big Rig, he will also be in the long round tomorrow night.  The riders have won rounds on this bull in the past, but he will buck a rider off if they stub their toe at all.  I haven't seen Muy Caliente since Kansas City, but I'm sure he will be just as exciting as always.  He might combine with a guy to win the long round too.