Interview With Chandler Bownds

Chandler Bownds is one of the young guns and rising stars in Championship Bull Riding.  He is coming off a pretty impressive rookie season in which he finished the season 22nd in the final standings.  The Texas bull rider ended the season with a second-place finish on the night two in Kansas City, and he will have a lot of momentum heading into 2011.  Bownds also won the Youth Bull Riders World Finals in August.

I recently had the chance to interview Chandler Bownds.  I asked him questions about his YBR victory, his 2010 season, his goals for 2011, and much more.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page and give your input.  You can also email me at:  Enjoy!

Cody:  Chandler, thanks for taking the time to do this interview.  I'll start with your YBR win in August.  How much did that mean to you, and how much confidence did it give you in terms of riding in the CBR?

Chandler:  Winning the 2010 Youth Bull Riders World Finals was a huge accomplishment for me!  Any time a bull rider can attach a "World Champion" title to his resume' and get to wear a "World Champion" buckle, it's a great accomplishment.  It was also a bonus that the YBR was sponsored by CINCH.  I'm proud to represent the YBR and CINCH, especially with a world title.  It's one step closer to winning a CBR World Championship.  That is the ultimate achievement.

There were some great guys there, including CBR rider Wrangler Dunda.  Being successful at that level of competition is great for anyone's confidence.  It also gave me a great opportunity to represent my sponsors that have been so good to me this year, and that list includes CINCH, Aaron's, and Olathe Boots.

Riding all four of my bulls and winning the title was a great confidence booster, and it helped propel me through the end of the CBR season and in trying to qualify for the Tour Finale.

Cody:  You finished the 2010 CBR season extremely well, including a second-place finish on the second night in Kansas City.  How much will that help you going into 2011?

Chandler:  I was very happy with how I finished the season.  My goal early was to finish out my high school career and make it to the Tour Finale.  It was a crazy year, and I was excited to quality for the Tour Finale.  It was a challenge for my family and I, and my finish to the season was a great accomplishment for all of us.

The 90.5-point ride in the Championship Round on Cody Ohl's Little White Out was more exciting than I can even explain.  I got a little excited and threw my helmet up, and that's something I normally don't do.  It was an exciting time for all those who have been pulling for and supporting me throughout the season.

After the rides I made at the end of the season, the Tour Finale, and hopefully during my college rodeos, I can't wait for the 2011 season.

Cody:  You finished 22nd in the 2010 CBR final standings.  What are your goals for the 2011 CBR season?

Chandler:  My goal in 2010 was to make it to the Tour Finale, but I hope to accomplish more goals in 2011.  I plan on winning some events and being in the top five in the season standings when next year's Tour Finale rolls around.

Cody:  What has been your favorite ride so far in the CBR?

Chandler:  My favorite ride in the CBR was at Lubbock in front of my hometown crowd.  It was on the bull Fat Jimmy who is owned by Lyndal Hurst.  I have been around this bull since he was a two year old, and I've been on him a few times in the practice pen.  I knew he couldn't throw me off.

Cody:  That ride went a long way in getting you to Kansas City for the Tour Finale.  Who are some of the other riders you enjoy watching?

Chandler:  I enjoy watching J.W. Harris the most, but I also like to watch the people I travel with like Cody White and Sam Wilson.

Cody:  List a couple CBR bulls you enjoy watching but haven't had the chance to get on yet.

Chandler:  Directory Assistance, Texas Cocktail, Hell Ya, Cude Energy, Ronnie, and Mooseknuckle.

Cody:  Let's turn our attention to your start into bull riding.  Who introduced you to it, and when did you get on your first bull?

Chandler:  My dad introduced me to horses and the western lifestyle.  Lyndal Hurst, a bucking bull stock contractor who lived down the road, introduced me to bull riding when I was 10 years old.  He and his family transferred into our community, and they showed pigs with our FFA group.  We got to know each other, and he invited me to come ride at his place.  I never stopped after that, and I was hooked!  Joe and McKennon Wimberly were also a lot of help to me throughout my early years because I would ride with them to bull riding schools.

Cody:  Who were some of your heroes growing up (in or out of rodeo)?

Chandler:  I have been very lucky to have a lot of positive influences.  They have all given me different advice and been a hero to me in different ways.  My mom and dad taught me morals, manners, integrity, to keep good grades, to work hard, and to always keep a smile on my face.  They have made me who I am and what I stand for.

Lyndal Hurst introduced me to bull riding, and he has taught me to always ride and work hard.  He also taught me to always be dedicated to whatever I am doing.

Lastly, I have to thank my school coaches and teachers.  I had some very special coaches and teachers who made a difference in my life.  Ms. Homen and Coach Salinas, you know who you are!

Cody:  What other things do you like doing when you aren't riding bulls?

Chandler:  I always like to stay busy.  I like to hang out with my friends, go water skiing in the summer, snow skiing in the winter, and play a lot of golf.  I'm bucking bulls the rest of the time!

Cody:  What profession would you be in if you weren't a bull rider?

Chandler:  I'm not sure, but I may be a bull stock contractor or policeman.  I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing, and I'm lucky to be in a profession I love.

Cody:  Chandler, thanks again for taking the time to do the interview.  In closing, do you want to thank any sponsors or anyone else?

Chandler:  I went to my first big CBR event in Lubbock in October 2009, and I was fortunate enough to be introduced to to the CINCH family.  It was the beginning of something great!  After that, I was fortunate enough to join the Aaron's and Olathe Boot Company sponsor families as well.  Thank you sponsors for your support this year and everything you have done for me.

As I started traveling to more CINCH CBR events, I got to ride with and get to know some great bull riders and everyone else associated with Championship Bull Riding.  Everyone has been great to me, and I've made some very good friends and GREAT memories.  I've been very lucky so far, and hopefully I've made some lifelong friends.

Ending the 2010 season in Lubbock, TX, was great.  Making some great rides and ending the season on a good note in my hometown was awesome!  It was exciting for me, my dedicated fans, sponsors, and family.  I've been surrounded by some great icons, bull riders, and friends.  The CBR is a great organization, and I can't wait to get started up again!