Youth Bull Riders World Finals Finds New Home in Abilene, TX

Fort Worth, TX (November 1, 2010)- The CINCH Youth Bull Riders World Finals presented by Championship Bull Riding will be held in Abilene, TX, at the Taylor County Expo Center beginning in 2011.  The two sides agreed to a multi-year contract during the past week, and YBR Chairman and founder Andy Carter had this to say.  "The facility is going to work out great, and we look forward to having a great relationship with the city of Abilene in the future.  Nancy Liles, Executive Director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau in Abilene, added the following.  "Abilene is thankful for this opportunity to work with the YBR World Finals.  With minor changes, the Taylor County Expo Center will be a perfect venue.  The city and county will be superb hosts and partners with the YBR."


CINCH has been a big part of the YBR World Finals in the past, and they will once again be the title sponsor after renewing their contract.  CINCH has been and will continue to be a great supporter of the YBR World Finals as well as the National High School Rodeo Association.                                                                                                                  


The presenting sponsor for the YBR World Finals will once again be Championship Bull Riding.  The YBR has really pumped the CBR, and the CBR has been behind it from the start.  The Youth Bull Riders World Finals is all about the kids and raising the next and future World Champions. CBR CEO Wes Bruce had this to say about the continued partnership.  "These kids are our future, and we are extremely proud to be the only organization that has been with the YBR since the beginning."


The Youth Bull Riders World Finals is the largest and richest youth bull riding in the world, and there are 300-plus kids from ages 4-19 who compete every year.  The YBR is a non-profit organization and has continued to focus on two main goals.  The first is to raise awareness for youth bull riding.  In addition, each year the YBR gives a cash donation to a children