Five Possible Contenders for 2011 CBR Bull of the Year Award

The CBR is full of great bulls, and that's one of the reasons the race for 2010 Bull of the Year was so tight.  The award is given to the bull who the riders win the most money on.  Dakota Magic's Double Scoop made his CBR debut in 2010, and he bucked his way to the Bull of the Year title.  He will once again be a factor in 2011, as will the rest of the 2010 finalists such as Cude Energy, Directory Assistance, Mooseknuckle, Wild Nights, and Muy Caliente.

To be a contender for CBR Bull of the Year, the animal athlete must have a couple key qualities.  They have to be rank enough to get into the Championship Round more often than not, and they have to give riders a fair chance to make the whistle and win rounds and/or events.

Each of the 2010 finalists have what it takes to be contenders for the 2011 CBR Bull of the Year title, but I want to focus on five more bulls who might surprise people and put themselves into contention as well.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page or email me at:  Enjoy!

Carson's Big Rig- Danny Reagan
Carson's Big Rig has become a mainstay in the Championship Round, and he is one the riders love to pick.  In 12 CINCH CBR Tour trips in 2010, he was ridden six times for an average ride score of 89.25 points.  In addition, the riders were 90 points or better the last three times he was ridden.  Carson's Big Rig continued to get stronger as the 2010 season progressed, and he will surely be a good one in 2011.  If the riders continue to pick him high in the Championship Round draft, he will be a serious contender for Bull of the Year.

Curly Bob- Bryce Cooper
Curly Bob was one of the youngest bulls in the CBR this past season, and he showed flashes of greatness at times.  He was only ridden twice in 2010, and the average ride score was 88.5 points.  The highlight on Curly Bob came in Fort Stockton where Jake Littlefield won the event on him with a 92-point ride in the Championship Round.  Curly Bob was impressive in the short time we got to see him this past season, but he has the potential to be one of the real surprises in 2011.  Once he fills out a little, he is going to be one of the ones to have to win rounds and events.

Cinch Red Label- Cody Ohl
Cody Ohl has a couple bulls who could be on this list, but I chose Cinch Red Label because he has been a Championship Round bull more than his traveling partner Little White Out.  He was just a three-year-old this past season, but he proved himself time and time again.  He was only ridden once in five CBR trips, but the score was 90 points.  His average bull score was right at 45 points, so the riders would have been 90 points or better just about every time.  Cinch Red Label has been fair every time I've seen him buck, and the riders are going to want to pick him next season.  Once they figure him out a little, he is going to take them to the pay window on a consistent basis.

No Berry Wine- Brad Vogele
No Berry Wine didn't make his CBR debut until the Fall Run, but he made an immediate impact in his four outs.  He was ridden twice for an average ride score of 88.5 points.  Cooper Kanngiesser won the Championship Round in Woodward on this bull after the two combined for a 90.5-point ride.  No Berry Wine is a really fast spinner, but he is fair every time.  Once he matures a little more, he is going to be one the riders can be 90 points or better on every time the chute opens.  Once the riders figure this out, he will be a possible contender for CBR Bull of the Year.

Daddy's Boy- Owen Washburn
Daddy's Boy bucked under the radar a little in 2010, but he was a really good bull when he was hauled to CBR events.  In five CINCH CBR Tour trips this past season, he was ridden three times for an average ride score of 91.2 points.  Jake Littlefield won a round on him in Del Rio, and Kenny Westrope won the Window Rock event on him after an electric 92.5-point ride in the Championship Round.  Daddy's Boy is just entering his prime, and if he is hauled to enough events in 2011, he could be a sleeper in the Bull of the Year race.