Interview With Wrangler Dunda

There are quite a few young riders in the CBR, and a lot of them have the talent to be a World Champion in the future.  Wrangler Dunda is one of the first who comes to mind because of the awesome rookie season he had this past year.  The young Texan rode in a few events in 2009, but 2010 was his first full season in Championship Bull Riding.  Not only did he impress, he finished 10th in the final season standings.

It's easy to see why Dunda has already become one of the fan favorites.  He is extremely talented and is also very well spoken.  After having a great deal of success in Youth Bull Riding, he came into the CBR with a lot of expectations.  So far, he has lived up to them.  I recently had the opportunity to interview Dunda to see what he had to say about his start in bull riding, his goals for 2011, etc.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page or email me at:  Enjoy!

Cody:  Wrangler, I want to start by thanking you for taking the time to do this interview for the website.  Now, first things first.  Who introduced you to bull riding, and when did you get on your first bull?

Wrangler:  My dad started riding bulls at age 14, and he still rides today.  He put me on my first sheep when I was two, and I have ridden ever since.  I got on my first big bull when I was 13.

Cody:  Who were some of your heroes growing up (in or out of rodeo)?

Wrangler:  My dad is my biggest hero.  I have always looked up to him, and he has always helped me along the way.

Cody:  Did you pattern your riding style after anyone in particular?

Wrangler:  Not really.  My dad taught me how to ride, and I developed my own style from that.

Cody:  You won the Youth Bull Riding World Finals twice.  What did that mean to you, and how did it help you adjust to the CBR at such a young age?

Wrangler:  The first year I went to the YBR, I didn't think I had a chance at all to win it.  I ended up winning every round and the Championship, and it really boosted my confidence.  I rode really well over the next year, and when I went back to the YBR the next time, there was no doubt in my mind I could do it again and I did!  It meant a lot to me, and it pushed me to the next level.  It made me realize I was one of the best.

Cody:  Winning the YBR World Finals is a great accomplishment, and to do it twice is icing on the cake.  Now, let's move to some CBR questions.  What has been your favorite ride so far in the CBR?

Wrangler:  The 93-point ride on Cut Across Shorty in Nashville.

Cody:  You won the Championship Round with that ride, and you finished second in the event!  Which CBR riders do you enjoy watching the most?

Wrangler:  I pull for Cody White and Jake Littlefield.  I have hung out with those guys quite a bit this year.  I travel with Casey Bowman and Bonner Bolton, so I enjoy watching those guys as well.  I grew up with Elliot Jacoby and Sam Wilson, so I like watching those guys do well also.

Cody:  List some of your favorite CBR bulls.

Wrangler:  Cocktail has always caught my eye.  With the way I ride, I think I can ride that bull!  The rank ones like Black Gold, Cochise, Cocktail, Luca Brazzi, etc. are the ones I want to get on.

Cody:  I know a lot of fans would like to watch those match-ups for sure.  You finished in the top 10 in 2010.  What are your goals for the 2011 CBR season?

Wrangler:  I want to win the World Title, and that's my main goal.  If not, I want to finish in the top five.  That being said, I'm looking for the Championship.  I missed a lot of opportunities this past year, and I bucked off some bulls I shouldn't have.  I think I'll be more mature and calm about things in 2011, and I'll do better.

Cody:  What are some of your interests away from bull riding?

Wrangler:  I like riding 4-wheelers and mudding.  I also enjoy playing video games and watching movies.  Really, I just like to relax a lot when I'm not riding bulls.

Cody:  What would you do if you weren't a professional bull rider?

Wrangler:  I don't really know.  Bull riding is my life, and I would probably be a bum without it.

Cody:  Wrangler, thanks again for doing this interview.  Good luck in 2011!