CBR Bull Power Rankings: October 2010

The 2010 Championship Bull Riding season is in the past, and the month of October is almost over as well.  That means it's time for another set of bull power rankings.  There were only a couple events in October, but they were both stacked with bull power.  The month started in Lubbock before things shifted to Kansas City for the Tour Finale.

Before I get into the rankings, keep in mind they are only based off the bulls' performance for the month of October.  It was very difficult doing the rankings this time because there were so many great outs at the Tour Finale alone.  That being said, here goes nothing!  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page or email me at:  Enjoy!

1.  Thunder Down Under- Shippy Bucking Bulls
Thunder Down Under has become a mainstay in the bull power rankings, and he is at the top this time around.  He was the high-marked bull both nights in Kansas City, and he was undoubtedly the best animal athlete in the building during the Tour Finale.  In two outs in October, he was unridden with an average bull score of 46 points.  He was marked 46.5 points on the first night!  Thunder Down Under is one of the best in the business, and he is going to be exciting to watch in 2011.

2.  Double Up- Shippy Bucking Bulls
Double Up was one of the pleasant surprises at this year's Tour Finale.  In two trips in Kansas City, he was unridden with an average bull score of 45.75 points.  He bucked off World Champion Luke Kelley the first night, and he was even better the second night when he bucked off third-ranked Elliot Jacoby.  He is still fairly young and will be a force for the next couple years.  Congratulations are in order for Shippy Bucking Bulls for having the top-two bulls in this month's power rankings.

3.  Heater- Benny Cude
Heater had one trip in Lubbock and two in Kansas City, and he was really impressive each time.  I thought he might have lost a step earlier in the year, but he proved he has plenty left in the tank.  In three October outs, he was unridden with an average bull score of 45.7 points.  The riders didn't last very long on him either.  Heater was good enough to be ranked first, but the other two bulls were just a little more impressive.  Nonetheless, this bull will still be a factor in 2011.

4.  Luca Brazzi- Brad Vogele
Luca Brazzi was ranked first in last month's power rankings, and he had an impressive month of October as well.  He was in the Championship Round in Lubbock, and the judges marked him 46.5 points!  In his only trip in Kansas City, he was ridden for 90 points.  He was marked 45 points on that trip which gave him an average bull score of 45.75 points this month.  Luca Brazzi will only be five in 2011, so fans will be able to watch him for years to come.  Also, Brad Vogele told me he might get even better.

5.  Cinch Red Label- Cody Ohl
Cinch Red Label, formerly known as White Velvet, has impressed me all season.  I was looking forward to seeing him buck in Kansas City, and he didn't disappoint.  In two trips, he was unridden with an average bull score of 44.75 points.  The average bull score may not be as high as some others on this list, but I had him ranked in the top five at the Tour Finale.  Cinch Red Label is honest every trip, and when the guys ride him, they will be close to 90 points.  He is still a really young bull, so he is just getting started.

6.  Big Money- Box K Cattle Company
Big Money first caught my attention in Woodward in late September, and he was equally as good in Kansas City.  He was out both nights, and he was unridden with an average bull score of 45 points.  In addition, he bucked off two top-10 riders in Wrangler Dunda and Friday Wright.  Big Money is also a young bull, and he was pretty new to the CBR the last part of the 2010 season.  I'm excited to see how he performs next year now that he has some experience under the bright lights.

7.  Little White Out- Cody Ohl
Little White Out is Cody Ohl's second bull in these power rankings, and he was nearly as impressive as Cinch Red Label.  In two outs in Kansas City, he was ridden both times for an average ride score of 89.5 points.  He combined with Chandler Bownds on a 90.5-point ride on Saturday night which was good enough to win the Championship Round.  Little White Out's average bull score this month was 45 points.  He is going to be great for the bull team competition in 2011.

8.  Carson's Big Rig- Danny Reagan
Carson's Big Rig was seventh in last month's rankings, and he stayed pretty consistent in October as well.  He was out once in Lubbock and twice in Kansas City, and he had an average bull score of 44.5 points.  On top of that, he was ridden twice for an average ride score of 90.25 points.  Carson's Big Rig is perfect for bull team competitions, but he will buck guys off if they stub their toe at all.  A stock contractor can't ask for much more than one like this.

9.  Fat Jimmy- Lyndal Hurst
Fat Jimmy was ninth in the August power rankings, and he returns to the October list in the same spot.  He was out twice this month, and he was ridden once for 90.5 points.  In addition, his average bull score was a solid 44.75 points.  I've seen this bull four or five times in 2010, and he has been solid every trip.  The guys don't ride him very often, but he doesn't really have any tricks.  It will be interesting to see if they ride Fat Jimmy more in 2011.

10.  Jack Knife- Danny Reagan
Jack Knife is Danny Reagan's second bull in this month's power rankings after having a very good October.  In two trips this month, he was ridden once for 90 points and had an average bull score of 44.75 points.  In Lubbock, he bucked off Clayton Williams and was marked 45 points!  Jack Knife is one of many solid bulls hauled by Danny Reagan, and he put together a really solid season and month of October.

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