2010 CBR Bud Light Bull Bash Preview

The 2010 CBR season wrapped up last weekend in Kansas City, and now it's time to turn our focus to the 2011 season.  The new season starts tomorrow night in Longview, TX, with a Horizon Series event.  The winner will be the early leader in the 2011 season standings.  10 riders who rode in this year's Tour Finale are entered in Longview, and you can bet the bull power will be pretty solid as well.  Here are eight riders to watch out for this weekend.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page or email me at:  Enjoy!

Riggin Phillips
Riggin Phillips finished seventh in the 2010 final standings, and he will be looking to finish even higher in 2011.  He has been battling an injury or two, but he still made it to the Championship Round both nights in Kansas City.  He also had one of the best riding percentages this past season.  Phillips has as much talent as anyone in the CBR, and he will be one of the favorites tomorrow night in Longview.

Chandler Bownds
Chandler Bownds finished his rookie season in the CBR 22nd in the final standings, but he did a lot of his damage late in the season.  He finished fourth in Lubbock two weeks ago to secure his spot in Kansas City, and he was the runner-up on the second night in Kansas City after a 90.5-point ride in the Championship Round.  Bownds could be ready for a huge breakthrough in his sophomore season in the CBR, and he could get things rolling this weekend.

Cooper Kanngiesser
Cooper Kanngiesser finished 12th in the 2010 final standings, but it was really an up-and-down year for the Kansas bull rider.  He had his high moments like winning the first night in Tulsa and finishing second in Window Rock.  Other than that, however, he was a little inconsistent.  The 2011 season will provide a fresh start for Kanngiesser, and he could really start things off with a bang if he rides well in Longview.  I expect him to be a contender for the gold buckle next year.

Cody White
Cody White has qualified for the CBR Tour Finale five times, and he will probably increase that number to six in 2011.  He has been a mainstay on tour for awhile, and he finished the 2010 season pretty well.  He finished fifth in Lubbock and nearly won the $10,000 Mahindra Tractors Texas Swing bonus as well.  White took a couple shots last weekend in Kansas City, but he is one of the toughest bull riders in the world.  He will be ready to start things off on a positive note tomorrow night.

Neil Holmes
Neil Holmes rode in Kansas City after being out a month due to injury, and it was good to see him back in action.  He was a little rusty, but he seemed to get a little better each time out.  He also told me he was feeling much better.  He finished 17th in the final 2010 season standings, and he also picked up a big win in Nashville in February.  If Holmes can stay healthy during the 2011 season, he will be a top-10 rider when the dust settles.

Aaron Pass
Aaron Pass finished 29th in the final 2010 standings, but he is coming off a very impressive run at the Tour Finale.  He finished 10th the first night, and he followed that with a fourth-place finish on night two.  He is going to focus more on the CBR in 2011, and that's a good thing for fans because the kid can ride.  Pass is confident right now, and he could definitely win the season's first event in Longview.  He is going to be a factor next year.

Kanin Asay
Kanin Asay hasn't been to many CBR events in the past, but he is one of the best bull riders in the world.  He is sixth in the PRCA standings this year heading into the National Finals Rodeo, and he finished fifth in the PRCA last season.  He is extremely talented, and he can be a factor in the CBR if he enters enough events in 2011.  Either way, it's nice to see Asay entered at Longview.  Hopefully this will be the first of many CBR events for the Wyoming bull rider.

Chance Smart
Chance Smart hasn't ridden a lot in the CBR, but he is a well-known name in the bull riding world.  He did qualify for the CBR Tour Finale in 2008, and he is a two-time qualifier for the National Finals Rodeo.  His one CBR event in 2010 was a Horizon Series event in early April, and he finished fifth.  Smart finished 27th this year in the PRCA standings, and he could get the 2011 CBR season started right in Longview tomorrow night.  This guy has a ton of talent.