Top-10 Moments From the 2010 CBR Season

The 2010 Championship Bull Riding season may be over, but the memories from the past eight months will stay in our minds for awhile.  The CINCH CBR Tour presented by Mahindra Tractors had events all across the nation, and a number of different bull riders found the winner's circle.  There were a lot of great moments from the 2010 season, but I've narrowed the list down to the top 10.  If you have anything to add, please visit our Facebook page and voice your opinion.  You can also email me at:  Enjoy!

10.  Neil Holmes Picks up First-Career Win in Nashville
Neil Holmes made his CBR debut in late 2009, so 2010 was his first full season on tour.  He didn't waste much time making an impact, as he won the Nashville event in February.  The Houston, TX, bull rider rode Mission Top for 90.5 points in the long round, and that put him at the top of the leaderboard heading into the Championship Round.  He picked Cude Energy, and the two combined for 91 points and the event win.  Holmes was out a month late in the season due to an injury he suffered in Huron, but he still finished 17th in the season standings.  He will be fun to watch in 2011.

9.  Nate Perry's Debut and Victory in El Paso
Nate Perry was a new face in 2010, and he made the most of his debut on the CINCH CBR Tour presented by Mahindra Tractors.  The Oklahoma cowboy won a Horizon Series event in early February to get his chance at the top level in El Paso, and he made the most of his opportunity.  He rode Dakota Magic's Double Scoop for 90 points on the long round, and he backed that up with an 89.5-point ride on Jaw Breaker in the Championship Round to pick up the victory.  Perry won his first-ever televised event, and the victory propelled him to a 24th-place finish in the season standings.

8.  J.W. Harris Rides to Victory in Tulsa
J.W. Harris is the two-time defending PRCA World Champion, and it's always exciting to see him in the CBR.  His highlight of the 2010 season came in Tulsa where he took home top honors after two really good rides on Saturday night.  He was 89.5 points on Doc in the long round, and his 92-point ride on Cool Chrome in the Championship Round was one of the best all season.  Harris will always be a threat to win when he enters, and it will be exciting to see him again in 2011.

7.  Ardie Maier Wins Close to Home in Hankinson
Ardie Maier is from South Dakota, and he was one of the favorites to win one of the events up north.  He didn't get a victory on either night in Huron, SD, but he made up for it in Hankinson, ND.  Dakota Magic is one of his sponsors, so it's only fitting he won the Dakota Magic Tuff Hedeman CBR Challenge.  He rode Say I Won't for 89 points in the long round, and he picked and rode Dakota Magic's Double Scoop in the Championship Round to get the win.  Maier moved up to second in the season standings after the victory, but he was forced out of this year's Tour Finale after knee surgery.

6.  Steve Woolsey and Jake Littlefield Win Big in Kansas City
Steve Woolsey and Jake Littlefield came to Kansas City with hopes of finishing inside the top five to claim some of the year-end bonus money.  After each rider won a night at the Tour Finale, they both succeeded.  Littlefield won night one and moved from outside the top 10 all the way to fourth.  He finished the season fifth.  Woolsey was sixth when night two began, and his victory moved him all the way to second in the final season standings.  His ride in the Championship Round ended up being worth about $45,000.  Both of these riders should be contenders once again in 2011.

5.  Record Crowds and Great Bull Riding in Window Rock
The event in Window Rock is always special, but things went to a new level this season.  There were record crowds, and the CBR riders put on a show for the fans in attendance.  There were three 90-point rides in the long round, and the riders added two more in the Championship Round.  Kenny Westrope ended up winning the event with a 92.5-point ride on Daddy's Boy in the short-go, his second victory in eight days.  In addition, Cooper Kanngiesser's 93-point ride on Luca Brazzi was possibly the best of the entire season.  The performances by Navajo riders Tustin Daye and Guytin Tsosie electrified the crowd and was really cool to see.  I'm looking forward to this tour stop in 2011.

4.  Luke Kelley Wins Horizon Series Finals in Bossier City
The event in Bossier City was huge for a number of reasons.  It marked the finals for the Horizon Series as well as the 2010 Bull Team Competition.  In the end, it was a huge stepping stone for eventual CBR World Champion, Luke Kelley.  He won the long round with an 89-point ride on Canadian Cadillac, and he picked the always-popular Cude Energy in the Championship Round.  The 90.5-point ride in the short-go was more than enough to carry him to the winner's circle.  Kelley won $20,000 and moved into the top spot in the season standings.  He wouldn't relinquish that spot the rest of the year.  Looking back on the season, it's easy to see why this event was so important in regards to the World Title race.

3.  Friday Wright Wins Tuff's Event in Fort Worth
Tuff Hedeman's event in Fort Worth is one of the biggest on the CBR schedule every season.  This year's event was awesome to say the least!  The bull riders showed up and rode 15 bulls in the long round, and they followed that with an incredible 11 rides in the Championship Round.  In the end, Friday Wright earned the huge payday after riding both bulls and finishing with 181 points.  He rode Widespread for 89.5 points in the long round, and he followed that up with a 91.5-point ride on Cude Energy in the short-go.  The victory moved Wright into the top spot, and he held that spot for several months before late-season struggles.

2.  Clint Craig Wins George Paul Memorial
It's hard to find a CBR event more special than the George Paul Memorial in Del Rio, TX.  Rides were tough to come by at this year's event, and one rider clearly stood above the rest on Sunny Sunday.  Clint Craig was the only rider to cover all three of his bulls, and he capped it off with an incredible 93-point ride on Dakota Magic's Double Scoop in the Championship Round.  The victory was Craig's second of the season, and it really made him a factor in this year's World Title race.  I can't wait for the 2011 George Paul Memorial.

1.  Luke Kelley Clinches World Title in Lubbock
Luke Kelley had a tremendous Fall Run in the CBR, and he put the icing on the cake in Lubbock.  He won the event after riding both his bulls, including a 90.5-point ride on Dakota Magic's Double Scoop in the Championship Round.  The two rides also gave him the victory in the 2010 Mahindra Tractors Texas Swing.  The event win and Texas Swing bonus put him $30,000 ahead of the number-two rider, and it clinched the 2010 CBR World Title heading into the Tour Finale.  Looking back, Kelley's ride in the Championship Round in Lubbock was worth $120,000!

Dakota Magic's Double Scoop moved into the lead for 2010 CBR Bull of the Year after combining with Kelley on the event win, and it turned out to be the deciding factor in the race after Cude Energy was forced to miss the Tour Finale due to injury.  There wasn't a bigger or more important ride during the 2010 season than the one in Lubbock between World Champions Luke Kelley and Dakota Magic's Double Scoop.